An Ode to BioWare

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Here’s my next suggestion:  The dark ritual needs ‘Romance Tactics’, so I can direct the proceedings to where I approve of the situation.  Similar to ‘Combat Tactics’, you can choose things to happen in various scenarios.  Such as – If “Dark Ritual” = “Morrigan” > “Face away from Alistair” and “Face in the pillows”.  If “Dark Ritual” = “Alistair” > “Look at main character” and “Think about main character”.  If “Dark Ritual” = “Morrigan” > “No moaning”.

Tenting is one of the best things Dragon Age has to offer.  Therefore, I think it’s important that tenting be allowed anytime, anywhere.  Why can’t you get it on at Arl Eamon’s estate in Denerim?  This doesn’t make sense.  With so many rooms, you’d think there would be an area you could sneak off to.  In the middle of a battle?  Not a problem, just throw up a tent and go at it.  I don’t think the ogre would mind.  He might actually peek in and watch.  Plus, your characters would get a strength and constitution bonus, and would instantly be back at full health.  Tenting also needs to have unique cut scenes each time.  This is a must.  I mean, you walk up to them at camp after the initial encounter, ask them if they want to tent, and all you end up seeing is a kiss?  No.  I demand more tenting scenes.  ‘Romance Tactics’ can also play a part here.  Choosing different tactics would grant the player different scenes.

All in all, your games are amazing.  No question.  I would count Dragon Age and Mass Effect among my top favorite games.  Actually, they are my favorites.

…are you hiring?

Love and kisses (yes, kisses for all),


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