Dragon Age: Origins – Rogue Love

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Zevran the Archer

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Further, gain his trust more fully and Zevran will finally tell the Warden of his last assignment before this:  Mistakenly believing a woman he loved had betrayed them, he allowed his partner to kill her, turning a deaf ear to her cries for mercy.  He brokenly acknowledges his behavior was “utterly cruel” and makes no attempt to justify himself.  He then tells you he no longer wanted to live after that, and in fact had grossly underbid the other Crows on this assignment precisely in order to “throw (him)self at the one of the fabled Grey Wardens”.  Okay, that bears repeating:  Fully capable of both love and self-examination, he essentially admits to remorse so deep that he tried to kill himself in “suicide by cop” style.  Whatever his past, the Zevran now traveling with the Warden could no longer live as the person he had been, found compassion where he expected none…and is open to the possibility of another way.   Does he still want to die?  “No,” he answers.  “What I want is to begin again.  Whatever it is I sought by leaving Antiva, I think I have found it.”

Zevran Sex Scene

Easy to bed for sure. For any gender.

Mind you, all of this requires a compassionate Warden to bring out; treat him badly and he’ll quickly revert to old ways. I’ve heard Zevran called “easiest to bed and hardest to love”, and indeed it was only over a few playthroughs that I drew out his entire story and even an eventual declaration of love and a proposal of sorts.  But in a game filled with moral ambiguity, shady pasts and opportunities for redemption, he’s definitely one of the more fascinating and rewarding characters to get to know.


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