Video Game Pin Ups: Alistair

As I’m sure everyone is aware, I am in absolute love Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins.  He’s cheeky, British, sarcastic and yet charming.  What’s not to love?  BioWare is known for making deep and interesting characters, and Alistair is definitely an interesting and often humorous companion.

Ass Stamp

We approve, Alistair. We approve.

Not only that, but if you’re female, you can hardly disagree that this guy is attractive.  He gives you a rose!  He doesn’t take advantage of you, but waits until he knows he is in love with you before tenting!  He talks about ‘licking a lamppost in winter‘!  He has an accent!  And best of all, his body is as chiseled as stone itself!  Err, that is, if you discovered you can remove their clothing…

…is it weird that I had my character and Alistair talk to each other in their skivvies?

Anyways, in light of the fact that Alistair is completely Ass Stamp Worthy, I thought it was only fair that we kick off our very first PtC Weekly Video Game Pin Up with my favorite Dragon Age romance partner – Alistair.  Enjoy it, ladies!!  (and gentlemen, if you swing that way).


Alistair - Dragon Age Origins

Wouldst thou like to take a gander up my frock?

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May 26, 2010
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What, no pin-up for me? (Er, and the gentlemen, if they prefer?) ;-D

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