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When that formula got a little old, they added Disney to the mix, but still injected it full of Final Fantasy. Okay I’m not going to lie to you, I still love Kingdom Hearts II. Organization XIII was bad ass, and so was Vivi.

But the more people make a game like Heavy Rain the more the market will be diluted and lose its charm. While yes, I do agree with Wada that there needs to be more games like it with a rich and deep story line, I beg them not to bombard the market with Heavy Rain clones that force the user to solve a murder mystery with plot twists, winding turns, and some whiney guy who desperately needs to shave running around shouting “JASON” over and over.

So here I am asking please. Wada-sama please. Square Enix please. Please from the depth of my soul don’t take something as beautiful and magnificent as Heavy Rain and dilute its magnificence by flooding the market with games that aren’t as polished, thought out, or interesting. I’m not asking you not to make something like it, but please for the love of all that is pure take time with it. Make it outstanding.

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May 26, 2010
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I confess I have yet to play Heavy Rain, though I’m sure I will eventually. I have mixed feelings on the subject, though. I’ve been told I will like Heavy Rain because I was a huge fan of Shenmue. What really made me fall in love with Shenmue was the mindboggling immersiveness of it – I loved the story but I also spent days just exploring, looking at street signs, capsule toys, store after store of bizarre and detailed merchandise. The same immersiveness that kept me playing Oblivion, really, though I have never felt like the story pulls you in the way the stories of Bioware and Square do – Oblivion is more of a sandbox game for the RPG-minded.

If they make more of a particular new innovation, it *will* definitely lose some of the wonder. But that project will lead to similar but different project, and another different project, and then eventually you have something amazing again. Resident Evil floored me when it came out, because it essentially defined a whole new genre of gaming. Sequels and other survival horror games followed, and many fell very short of the mark. But then Silent Hill came along and took it in a new, starkly psychological direction, and I was floored again.

Never forget that Heavy Rain undoubtedly has ancestors of its own…and some of its kids may be delinquent, but some may grow up to be brilliant. :)

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Jun 05, 2010
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you are either over reacting or just ran out of ideas on what to write…

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Jun 05, 2010
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jumping the gun aren’t we? Let’s wait until they put out their first before we start worrying about ‘flooding the market’. Which is funny, because you seem to equate using the same formula over and over with flooding the market… FF games may use the same formula, but the market is far from flooded, they release a game every 3 or 4 years.

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Jun 06, 2010
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alex c

heavy rain is sik there should be loads more like it, but with more driving elements, and routes to take,. thats a good option, – -idea–

say you were driving, and had to take a turn, you had to be somewhere in twenty mins, takking that turn means you dont have enough time to make it to a task, but you make it somewhere else – pik up something, now a new task opens.

how about it.>

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