Video Game Pin Ups: Nathan Drake

For this week’s Video Game Pin Up, I decided to choose someone whose roguish charm, rugged look and adventuring ways remind me a bit of Harrison Ford’s Indiana JonesNathan Drake, main character of the Uncharted series, definitely fits the bill of a sexy, sarcastic adventurer.  The award-winning Uncharted games would be nothing without their likable and relate able main character, Nathan Drake.

Mmm, man with a gun and still a sexy little smirk.

And of course, for us ladies, there’s the romance aspect.  Drake is great fun to play as, with his agility allowing death-defying leaps; but what’s better than a little heat brewing between two characters?  In Uncharted 2, sex is handled maturely, and adds depth to the story without seeming like the writers were snickering behind their hands when they added the scene.

Side note – Alistair‘s voice (well, Steve Valentine‘s voice) is totally in this game as Harry Flynn.  Isn’t it weird to hear Alistair talking in Uncharted 2?!  And Morrigan, aka Claudia Black, is also in the game as Chloe Frazer.  What the heck?!  Do they just rotate these excellent voice actors around from game to game??

Ass Stamp

We're happy to see YOU, Nathan Drake.

So, for Nathan Drake’s charisma, athleticism and pleasing appearance, he rightfully earns himself a spot on the Video Game Pin Up list, and our very own Ass Stamp of Approval.


He looks ready for ACTION.

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