Dragon Age DLC: Leliana’s Song

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  1. That woman doesn’t really look like Leliana.  Leliana looks like Avaline, remember?!
  2. Was that supposed to be Marjolaine?  She’s…she’s rather forward, isn’t she.
  3. And was the supposed Marjolaine hitting on Leliana?!  Well, I suppose they did have a ‘special’ relationship
  4. Is this content for Leliana really going to cost me $7?!  Do I care that much about Leliana?
  5. This will be the first Dragon Age with full voice over.  That’s right, you will choose what Leliana should say…and Leliana will say it.  Out loud.  In her annoying Orlesian accent.  So basically, this new feature is like Mass Effect in that respect – minus the sexy Jennifer Hale voicing the character (erm, that’s if you’re a female Commander Shepard)
  6. And, the most important question of all – Will there be romance?!  WILL THERE BE TENTING?!