Dragon Age II – Magic Use Concept Art

While concept art doesn’t reflect how a game actually looks and performs this one certainly looks like fun. In Dragon Age: Origins we had a magic use system that I was a fan of. If you were throwing lighting around a battlefield anything that got in its way would be hurt. This means party members, friends, or foes. I was a fan. It provided a sense of consequences and planning.

That being said, this new concept art from BioWare clues us in a little into what BioWare hopes to do. Firstly I like the continual use of clothing and armor that looks like it may billow in the wind. That’s fun. I like when my clothes billows because it is buffeted by gusts of wind. It’s really why I wish it was socially acceptable to wear a cape.

Secondly, magic might behave a tad differently and it just looks fun. I really want to get my hands on a flaming spire projectile of destruction. But alas…this is just concept art. The finish product remains to be seen.

Dragon Age II - Magic Use

What a fun way this mage must have to both bake and slice bread

On another note, I’m throwin’ a  “Happy Birthday” to PtC’s own Kat Tiki! Congrats on turning…wait…wait a minute…she controls my paychecks…that wouldn’t be smart. Anyone else feel like singing?

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