Video Game Pin Ups: Sarah Kerrigan

Thank you StarCraft. Back in ’98 you took my senior year of high school and made it special by introducing me to a very special girl. ¬†Not only was she attractive, intelligent, motivated, and dedicated but she was also part of an elite fighting force. Sure at one point she got taken away by the Zerg but in a way…that just makes Sarah Kerrigan hotter.

sarah kerrigan star craft ghost

I could make a joke about "guns" and being between her legs...but I wont

I know we haven’t done one of these for a while, but frankly…we got busy. Anyway, here we are with Sarah Krerigan; StarCraft’s leading lady and undisputed winner of every “hot Zerg” contest. Seriously, Kerrigan stands literally and figuratively above the entire horde. While she may not be everyone’s cup of tea people have different taste. Some like their tea iced. Some like their tea with honey. Some like their tea with¬†tentacles and a zerg rush. I like mine iced with lemonade. The ol’ Arnold Palmer.

Sarah Kerrigan: you win the Ass Stamp of Approval for the whole month.

Ass Stamp

Bring on the Zerg Rush

Sarah Kerrigan Startcraft Hydralisk

Who's a good puppy! That's right you're a good puppy!

sarah kerrigan starcraft 2

Am I the only one who finds this totally hot?

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