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lol Abort Quit: TV or Video Games?

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While TV can be thought provoking and spur conversation I crave the experience. I want to feel that I’ve done something even in my off time. It’s why I my house is going to forever in a state of improvement.

With a game like Demon’s Souls you have to learn to play the game. You have to watch the environment, read what users have written, trust them or not. You are not just alone in a world you are interacting in it.

Once you look at more online MMORPG’s you are encouraged to travel with people. Few online games insist you go it alone. Star Wars: The Old Republic even went so far as to give you an NPC Companion. That’s precisely how important socialization is to games. “Even if you don’t want you, you’re still going to have to put up with someone”.

Then we have games like Heavy Rain with absolutely no social aspect outside of the person next to you on the couch. But what it does is allow is a rich cinematic experience wrought with tough decisions and game altering choices. I have found myself using it many times as a conversation piece with people to discuss how their games differed from mine, why they chose what they chose, and what they thought of their outcomes.

I find the world of gaming to be far more inviting and interactive, but who knows, I may in fact be the minority.

So now I leave it to you: If you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? TV or Video Games?

note* – you’re not giving up an actual TV and no, you can’t stream TV to your console. Additionally…you cant play games on your TV. Just a straight up question, no trickeration. Yes I hate that word too.


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Twitter Accounts!

Hey PtC followers!  Sorry we’ve been waaaaaay behind on posting.  We promise to jump on the gaming ball very soon.  In fact, I’ll try to do something for Assassin’s Creed II ASAP.  Because, to be quite frank, ACII is better than I in every…single…way.  When does that ever happen?!  It’s incredible.

Now don't be scared...girls are gamers, too.


Anywhos, I wanted to tell you that both Wadoobie and I got personal Twitter accounts!  Now you can follow us and our every move!  (And you can see what we look like…I’ll give you a preview!)

I’m at @KatTiki

Wadoobie can be found at @WadoobiePtC

Check us out!


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