A new console writer enters the fray.

Hello PtC readers.  My name is ChuckLez and I will be bringing the PC aspect of this gaming love.  However, an introduction is in order.

Granted, my love for video games started when I was 2 years old (when I got my first console, an NES), the days when soundtracks consisted of different beeps and boops.  I was mostly into RPG games.  The first game I fell absolutely in love with was Final Fantasy 6 (3 for that american release).  I would print out walkthroughs and cheat codes when I didn’t even own the game yet.  After things died down a bit, I noticed another console, one that would make horrible noises before playing “Welcome…..You’ve Got Mail”.  It was love at first sight.

The first game I played on the PC was Starcraft.  It was the first time I played an online multiplayer game.  I loved going up against people and getting help from others in the custom maps the game had to offer.

As time went one and the PC as a gaming platform blossomed, I would loose myself in more and more games;  Kings Quest, Call of Duty, Day of Defeat, Nascar, Runescape, and many others.  I found my so called “gaming home”.  Ever since, I look to the games of the future and look to find those captivating moments once again.

If you want to contact me (send me a love note, hate letter, ransom note), you can send it to Chucklez@polishtheconsole.com.

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