Lose yourself (in virtual legos)

No, I am not talking about the song from Eminem.  I am talking about Minecraft.  To start off though, one must ask, what is minecraft?  To which I would respond, what do you want it to be?  Minecraft can be alot of things.  However, at its core, its an explore and survive game with no end.  You start off with absolutely nothing in a brand new world and only have your crafting screen and bare hands to start with.  To make things worse, the baddies come out at night.

When a game such as this just throws you into a new world without one line of narration plot, one must wonder, what now….what do you do?  I asked myself this, until I realized, what is possible.  To better understand, look to say, a lego set without a theme.  When you give a kid a lego set, do you tell him/her to only build one thing, or do you let them decide what to do.  Minecraft is my adult lego set.  I get to build many materials to build a house, craft tools/weapons, create oddities and monstrosities that come to me only in dreams.

With time, any rendition can be created.

Maybe a blank canvas is a bit daunting for one.  It was for me at first.  Without an objective, one can easily hole themselves up in a hole and essentially win the game.  Another factor of replay-ability to the game is that it is truly a game for the people.  Modifications created from the community can give the game a whole new meaning.  Multiplayer servers hold their own creative tracks.  One server can be a Dungeons and Dragons game where a group must navigate one of the games dungeons and must slay the baddies.  Another server could be purely for creativity, where one could walk for miles and come across pieces of art ranging from minuscule and humongous.

Its quick becoming a cult hit/phenomenon.  A game so good yet it tells you nothing.  For more activities one can acomplish in the game, one only needs to look to Google and Youtube.  Many videos and pictures show off exactly whats possible in this game (from creating a 1:1 scale model of the Starship Enterprise, to minigames that include outrunning lava).  So now I must ask, next time a game doesn’t tell you what to do, ask yourself, what can’t I do.  You might find yourself have much more fun in a way you never thought possible.

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