Video Game Pin Ups: Trishka Novak

Trishka Novak - Bulletstorm

I don't know if we're gonna try to stamp this one ourselves. Maybe just ask politely to stamp it on herself.

Meet Trishka Novak. Trishka here is a female space pirate in the upcoming release from Epic and People can fly that you may have heard of. It’s called Bulletstorm. It’s kind of a topic of conversation in some circles.

If the demo is any indication Bulletstorm is a first person shooter that is going to wind up being incredibly fun to play and an absolute vacuum of my time. However this is not a review of Bulletstorm.

Very little information has been released about this character. So far what we do know is the following:

NAME: Trishka “Lovely Bitter” Novak
AGE: 18
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’5, Unknown
BIRTHPLACE: Warsaw, Poland
JOB: Trained killer
MILITARY EXPERIENCE: Final Echo, 4 years
SPECIALTY: Silent and merciless stealth assassin
REGRETS: Inability to prevent her dad’s murder
LAST SEEN: Unknown

She has also been described as “A foul-mouthed member of the Dead Echo squad in Bulletstorm, who has a dark past.” (GiantBomb)

This means that we should hopefully see some interesting story evolve around her. Not to mention any time a woman can curse like a sailor it’s always a plus for some of us here at Polish the Console.

Trishka here gets Polish the Conosle’s Ass Stamp of Approval…and all from a demo. A definite first.

Ass Stamp

Seriously. I'm not stamping it. She looks like she bites. Another plus.

bulletstorm Trishka Novak

Knee pads are always a plus. Safety first, kids.

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