Dark Souls Initial Information and Trailer

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I would not finish climbing that mountain without soiling myself.

There are things in this world that I am pretty good at. I can eat like nobodies business. I was always good at making sure Thanksgiving got its ass handed to it. I am a damn fine driver. Brutal winters tend to teach you some skills. When it comes to diffusing any situation I am spot on. Then there are things that I am not so good at. Demon’s Souls was one such thing. I am not sure if I have ever been as bad at something as I was at Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s souls  is a video game that makes me less of a man. When I started playing it I was able to shave. I don’t have to anymore. If I feel that I have a little too much facial hair I simply start playing Demon’s Souls and my facial hair decides that I am no longer manly enough to have it and it literally vanishes. It is no secret at this stage that Demon’s Souls is an unforgivingly harsh video game that laughs at you as you fail. And you will fail. Constantly.

When I heard the news about its sequel I got excited. Not so much because I enjoy failing, but Demon’s Souls and I have an abusive relationship. It leads me believe that things are going to get better. I believe it. We share some laughs. I feel safe. I think I know what I’m doing. Then, without warning, I’m being beaten like a dirty rug in the spring until I’m left curled up in a corner soaked in my own tears and covered in fear. Now I get to double up.

Now we have a name. Dark Souls. Not only do we have a name, but we know that it will be released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. This means that if you missed out on Demon’s Souls because you don’t have a PS3, you have no excuse not to partake in the brutality and abuse if you’re a console gamer. The big questions are what elements are the same and what are they changing up. Well lets dig in a little bit to Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is like Demon’s Souls

It is still hard. Very hard. Maybe even harder. According to producer Daisuke Uchiyama (in a CVG report):

We want the player to scream, yell and be frustrated…a better, more difficult experience

dark souls screenshot

What the hell is THAT?!

More difficult? Excuse me, Uchiyama-san, but you weren’t happy enough with Demon’s Souls’ ability to turn scores of adults from normal, professional, and well adjusted individuals into crazed, abused, whimpering, muttering pools of shame and failure that you had to make it harder? Is it to early to say that I’m totally enamored by you?

Reports are stating that when you succeed you will still get the same sense of achievement. They go so far as to make it sound as though you will be handsomely rewarded for you efforts in the video game. However, the greatest victory comes in knowing that you just beat something absolutely brutal.

The gameplay will be similar to Demon’s Souls with its trial, error, and apparently some observation. You can still watch other players die. You can also still leave messages for other players. This means that there will still be a fairly solid online component to Dark Souls. In fact, there will still be co-op and PvP. Whether or not you can literally invade other people’s games and take them out is still up in the air.

Dark Souls will be different from Demon’s Souls

When compared to Demon’s Souls this outing will be more about exploration than dungeon crawling. The world is not connected by a central hub. Everything in Dark Souls will be one large open seamless field. Moral of the story: if you see it you can get to it.

There will also be no map display in the game. There will be a position display marker. I don’t know what this is, but it sounds like I may be confused while playing, which will certainly add to the element of not only exploration but difficulty.

dark souls screen shot 4

Giant rat...thing....check!

Dark Souls will not take place in the same world as Demon’s Souls. It will take place in a whole new world with a completely new story. This new world will include more complex level designs that make more use of vertical design. The world is based on what they call medieval dark fantasy. They will contain themes such as like “high fantasy of kings and knights”, “death and the depths of the earth”, and “the flames of chaos”.

The character creation process will also no longer be class based. In essence you are what you become. What class you chose to be is left up to how you play the game. To help facilitate this, the play style is more open. It sounds as if they are taking steps to quite literally let you determine the type of character you are using. To help make this a more personal and individual process, they have more spells, more items, more weapons that are apparently more unique. They also have more character animations. This will ultimately resort in a more unique experience for each player as you’re not bound to set roles and skills. There will also be no soul tendencies this time. If they use any form of good vs evil scheme we don’t know yet. We do know they abandoned the soul tendency system because they didn’t want to have to use dedicate servers for it. This is interesting because the soul tendency allowed for certain areas and NPCs to be open.

Then there is what they are calling “mutual role playing”. They haven’t revealed anything other than Dark Souls players will be able to engage in “mutual role playing”. We have yet to be given any information about what this means, so any speculation at this point would be moot. However the name alone indicates that playing online with others will not hinder you.

What we’re led to believe about Dark Souls is that we will have a multi-console release that will take what works from Demon’s Souls and ramp up the “go screw yourself”. But it’s not just going to increase the abuse. That would just be cruel. Okay given this video game’s pedigree, it very well might try. But it sounds as if it’s going to do so with a fun, interesting amount of personal freedom in virtually every way. I personally can’t wait to scream at the television while it kicks my ass in ways I didn’t know possible outside of a prison fight.

But they didn’t just leave us with text and images. Check out the trailer below:

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