Kat’s Dark Souls Song

Yes, you read that right.  Wadoobie was talking about how he was looking forward to playing more of Demon’s Souls this weekend, and when I was responding with “Why, you can’t wait to die, die, die some more?”, a song popped into my head.  It goes like this –

dark souls screenshot 2

This looks easy enough....I mean how hard could Dark Souls be.

Dark Souls / Demon’s Souls Song

(set to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Die, die, die some more,

Painfully crashing into the fray,

Not merrily, not merrily, not merrily, not merrily,

Death is but a second away.

That’s right.  EPIC.  You know you love it.


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Feb 04, 2011
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I think you’re giving yourself too much time with “death is but a second away”.

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