Dead Island Trailer Debut

The game Dead Island released its first trailer today.  And based on the fact that it’s already a trending topic on Twitter, it’s safe to assume it caught a lot of attention.

Dead Island Logo

Who wants to go on vacation?!!!

The trailer focuses on a family that appears to be heading to the island for a lovely, relaxing vacation.  Of course, when you head to DEAD Island, you can’t count on your stay be relaxing at all.  The scene opens on a young girl, who clearly has fallen upon some hardship.  Watch the trailer, and when you do, please forgive the pun.  What’s interesting about this trailer is that it works backwards, so as a result, you already know that the whole situation won’t end well.  Now you’re just wondering how this horrific thing came about.

The trailer, and most certainly the game Dead Island itself, promises to be a disturbing zombie shooter, one that might make you sick to your stomach when you see what happens to the little girl.  Since we all know that I’m the biggest Scaredy Kat on the planet, I will definitely not be playing this game.  Just wanted to mention the game, since I watched the trailer in a rather unsuspecting manner, and almost threw up.

What are your impressions of this game?  Watch the trailer from IGN below.


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Feb 17, 2011
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There needs to be a normal version, where we get to see it not in reverse! It appears that the zombies are a little more lively than in CoD or Dead Rising. I hope that the game is a bit scarier than the Left For Dead series. Being on an Island, there’s no where to go!

Ships, stay away!

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Feb 18, 2011
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You’re in luck. It seems that IGN took care of that as well:

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