Bulletstorm – The Review

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Bulletstorm – Controls

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Bulletstorm – Gameplay

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Bulletstorm – Graphics

In a word, gorgeous. Every level has clearly been designed to provide as much beauty or filth as possible. This is an overrun vacation resort planet you are on, after all. It should damn well better be picturesque. Bulletstorm does this perfectly. From the scenic views, to the cityscapes, to the flowing rivers, to the absolutely gorgeous way that the water sprays up Bulletstorm delivers in every possible way.

But the views aren’t all there is. The characters and weapons are exquisitely thought out and designed as well. When you wrap someone up with a flail you can see them struggle to get free. If you aim for the arms or legs you can see the damage being inflicted on the arms or the legs. When you overload your weapon it glows a very angry hot glow and as you watch it cool down you watch the weapon slowly work itself down from its fury.

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Bulletstorm’s graphics get a 5 out of 5

Bulletstorm – Story

The story takes a break from the “space marine’ trend and puts you in the boots of a space pirate who was formerly a space marine. The reasons for this are something you will have to discover for you own. The story for Bulletstorm could very easily have been its downfall. However they didn’t leave the story in its own world breaking from the action to explain to you why you are doing what you are doing. They fully integrated it into the gameplay itself. When you’re in a firefight you can hear the interactions of all the characters. The people you surround yourself with engage one another while you’re working your way through the world in a way that is both downright hysterical and believable.

It’s these interaction that really help keep you motivated, interested, and ultimately laughing your ass off with the colorful expletives and outstandingly crude metaphors.

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Bulletstorm’s Story gets a 5 out of 5

Bulletstorm – Overall

The scores don’t lie. Bulletstorm isn’t your run of the mill first person shooter. It so surpasses everything that’s been done before we just have to shoot the wad on it. Bulletstorm gets a 5 out of 5 for not only being absolutely mind blowingly amazing but for also restoring our faith in hype.

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Mar 24, 2011
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Okay, I have finally played this game. Well, mostly. I haven’t quite finished it yet (I’m on the last chapter, I think), so shhhhhhhh.

I have to admit, the dialogue is a guilty pleasure for me. A filthy, dick-riddled, sarcasm-intensive guilty pleasure. I know the game has gotten some razzing in the media for it, but I wouldn’t change a word of it. Listening to Spike Spiegel and Commander Shepherd trade verbal abuse and dick jokes for hours had me rolling off the couch laughing. I am a major closet potty-mouth.

My only real issue with the game is the boss battles. I don’t know how the gameplay could be so awesome in general and then just grind to an annoying halt for bosses. I don’t recall a single boss battle that didn’t piss me off…fortunately the game was so addictive I soldiered through simply because quitting and missing out on the rest of the game is NOT an option.

Really, though, the game had already paid for itself partway through the first chapter, and I’ll tell you why: Waggleton. P. Tallylicker. Bulletstorm, thank you for that whole section of the game. I nearly cried from the awesomeness.

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