Atlus brings Catherine to the US in Summer 2011

For months now the gaming world has been watching with great interest the story of Catherine. This stems from the fact that most of us had no idea what it was about but once it was released it began to outsell Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by a margin of 2 to 1. This game was one that many of us seriously considered importing to play. What we did know was that you assumed the role of Vincent who meets a mysterious woman named Catherine. He becomes infatuated with her which poses an interesting dilemma since he is seeing a woman named Katherine.

screenshot of catherine

I will finally get to understand this!

Vincent’s life was normal up until meeting Catherine, he is a “salaryman” who is in his 30’s and is attempting to maintain his independence from theĀ rigorsĀ and norms of life. He’s essentially an “everyman”.

Since its release we’ve learned that in Vincent’s town there is a string of deaths of young males in their sleep. The town rumor is that if a man dreams of falling then he will not wake up. In these dreams the other victims appear to him as sheep and help him as he works through puzzles to escape a similar fate. However a real problem arises when these nightmares begin to work their way out of Vincent’s dreams into his reality. He begins to suspect that Catherine may be connected. Whether she is or not is something we’ll just have to wait and find out. Or look up the spoilers but what fun is that?

We here at Polish the Console have been anxiously waiting with baited breath for this to be released here in the US and then today I awoke to find this glorious piece waiting for my in my email inbox.


Atlus Catherine Video Game
Best news of the day!

So I’m just gonna go ahead and get my preorder in. Who’s with me?

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