Catherine Deluxe Edition delivers some interesting sleepwear

Catherine has piqued the interest of a lot of people, including myself. When Atlus first announced it there was massive amounts of confusion. As time went on things became…marginally more clear. We know it involves mysterious deaths at the hands of a serial killer. We know there there is crazy ass dreams with sheep that may or may not be the trapped souls of the killer subjects. We know that it’s sexually charged. Other than that we have avoided any and all spoilers so that when Catherine is released on July 26, 2011 we will play it with the same “WTF” mindset as everyone else. Why? Because it just makes things more fun.

Today Atlus went ahead and told us a little more information about this beloved enigma of erotic puzzle platforming glory. First up they deliver it to you in a wonderfully creative way. Rather than ship in an any regular old box they send it to you in a fantastic looking replica of a pizza box from the in game hangout of Vincent and his friends. A simple yet charming way to tie everything together and make the entire package feel like a piece of the game itself. Second they carry this “piece of the game” motif a little more with  a fancy new t-shirt that does a fair job of letting anyone around us know that we are running out of energy. This would work well on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon. However it’s intention is to replicate one apparently worn by Catherine herself.

Now is when things become a little strange. We see that we get a nice pair of underwear. While I applaud Atlus for creativity and humor I am somewhat curious if they are making cosplay just a little too easy on people. I mean come on guys, you have to at least make people WORK to dress up live Vincent. I am already having nightmares about the next convention wearing nothing but Vincent’s boxers. Wait a minute…is that an added extra? Free nightmares just like Vincent. Very clever guys, very clever.

Next is the piece is a Catherine pillowcase to help you drift smoothly off to sleep and into your own puzzle filled sheep playground. On the pillow case is the glorious emblazoned image of Catherine herself to help keep you sleeping soundly.


catherine deluxe edition goodies
Wait wait wait, boxers AND a pizza box? Sign me the eff up RIGHT NOW!

Atlus if you keep this pace of awesome you have going on you will soon be finding yourself with one extra fanboy in the very near future.

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