If at First Kat Doesn’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

With all the E3 excitement going on this week (New Fable!  Voice Commands for Mass Effect 3 on Kinect!  Star Wars Kinect!  Halo 4!  etc.), I’m actually one of the few who is not as thrilled.  I am, in fact, quite bitter.  I entered three E3 competitions, and didn’t win any.  Now, that may sound silly, what with the enormous number of people who more than likely entered, but I’m the type of person who just really gets her hopes up and usually gets crushed.

So I wanted to do what I promised, which is post my ‘G4 Booth Babe Contest’ entry, and also share with you the written entry for 1Up.com’s contest.  First let’s look at the blogger contest entry!

1Up.com Contest Entry

Vote Kat Tiki for E3!

Kat tells why she’s an excellent E3 candidate.

E3 is the biggest, most eagerly anticipated event in the eyes of the gamers.  The 2011 iteration of E3 is the event that I would utterly cherish, appreciate, and write most frantically to cover for 1UP.  But does that make me deserving?  Not necessarily.  However, I will say this in my favor: Your E3 princess is NOT in another gamer.  And let me use these pixels below to tell you why.

This was me. Except for being a dude. And the fur. And the sword. And...

It’s saddening to remember, but there was a time when I didn’t have much else in the way of peers besides video games.  Starting with fourth grade, I was taken out of regular school and home schooled.  This lasted until ninth grade, when I was put back in regular public school.  Yeah, you read that right.  I was thrown back into the world of public education… the first year of high school.  Mind you, I didn’t have but one friend, who moved away after third grade.  My main form of socialization occurred with adults.  Imagine going to crudity and exclusivity of high school after being around polite adults, mainly your parents.  The point that I’m getting to here is that games, particularly Final Fantasy VIII, helped me through a difficult time in my life.  I poured myself into gaming, finding an escape in a wild and fantastical adventure.  It was more than Squall became a part of me; Squall WAS me, trying to find his way in his school and much more.  That was the game that drove me to discover my true love of games, and above all, RPGs.

But I’m sure you didn’t come here to read a sob story.  I’m much more than that.  Now, I’m an enthusiastic gamer who loves to talk (but mainly write) about games.  I’ve always wanted to go to E3, and let me tell you, that when I get there, I won’t be the kid in the corner afraid to talk to everyone.  I will be like Sam Fisher trying to get to the various booths… okay, maybe not quite like that; more like Samus Aran!!

Another of those half-hearted bloggers I am most certainly not. I am a co-founder and contributing writer for a blog that found its niche in sex in games.  You can find my posts at www.PolishtheConsole.com.

My favorite game developer is BioWare, because of their amazing RPGs that really push the boundaries of the standard RPGs.  Their games always come complete with numerous choices your character must make, as well as different outcomes to those choices.

Who Would Win?

But don’t think that means I’m not interested in other game genres!  I am certainly not limited to one gaming genre, and I expect the readers aren’t either.  I would be ecstatic to divulge information on any game I encounter. That’s right; even though I tend to be a Scaredy Kat (get it?!!), I wouldn’t mind explaining the game to readers as the 1UP blog winner.  I’ve enjoyed all sorts of games, from Dragon Age: Origins to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, from Heavy Rain to Harvest Moon, from Mario to Halo.  And that’s just to name a few.

I’m also a fierce gamer girl. What’s better than a girl who can hold her own with the guys?  How awesome would it be for a girl, a person who can innocently chat up the booth babes and yet still beat down & assassinate in Halo, to be chosen to win this trip to E3?!

This really is me. Katwoman.

And honestly?  I’ll pretty much do just about WHATEVER needs to be done.  You want me to go up there and investigate Sara Underwood’s credentials & understand why she deserves to be at E3?  I’m all over it.  To get more press, you need me to show up day one as Catwoman with 1UP.com written in duct tape on my chest?  Done.  I should write about how we went out drinking after day three and there met some of the higher ups at Bethesda?  I’ve already started.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and I don’t know if you follow weather on the east coast, but it’s been raining here pretty much nonstop since the beginning of April.  Before that, it snowed.  I’m basically dying to pull out my tank tops and enjoy some warmer, less wet, weather.

And here it comes: The epic finale to this incredible post.  Kat Tiki and E3… rhyme!  I know, I know.  Your mind is blown with sheer, overwhelming joy to hear this, because what is better than a candidate whose name you can create a jingle out of?!  So go ahead, 1UP.  Pick me, and I will arrive with a little ditty just for you.

The anticipation is just killing you now, isn’t it?


</end 1Up.com Contest Entry>

Wasn’t that pretty good?  I thought it was E3 winning-worthy.  Did they have a problem with the sex in games thing?  Hmmm.

Another contest I entered was sponsored by Klondike.  I think.  You entered by submitting a tweet with the hashtag #TweetForGlory saying something you would do to win a trip to E3.  It also suggested that it be something within reason, because you may be filmed doing it.  Since I’m such a Scaredy-Kat, mine was something along the lines of “Do a live stream of myself playing a horror game, with one camera on the game and the other on my face.”  Hahaha.  Good thing I didn’t have to actually do that.

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the G4 Booth Babe contest video entry!  Now that I’ve seen some of the other videos, I understand why I didn’t win.  Next year, though…  Anyways!  Here it is!

So there it is. I gave it a shot. And guess what? Despite trying, and trying, and trying again, I failed. Well, at least there’s always next year.


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