Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer – We Had to Change Our Pants

Mass Effect 3 LogoEvery once in a great while a trailer comes along that shows no actual gameplay or even game footage whatsoever but still manages to get us so excited for a game that suddenly out pants become wet with joy. Before I go on allow me to direct you to the Live Action Mass Effect 3 trailer below.

We see no Commander Shepard. We see no Wrex. We see no Garrus. We learn no real new information. We do however see reinforcement of what we already knew to be true. Reapers are hitting the earth and causing a whole mess of problems. We see that people the Earth is starting to have a few problems and this isn’t going to end well for people.

While this technically should have been called a teaser since it pretty much sits there and mocks us saying “You can’t play this awesome epic conclusion yet” it does make us at PtC want to go back to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and kick a little reaper ass one last time before Mass Effect 3 is released on March 6th, 2012.

Did anyone else start involuntarily cheering during that or was I the only one?

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