Star Wars: The Old Republic – Sofa King Excited by The Esseles

Star Wars The Old Republic The Esseles

Title pretty much says it all. Today Star Wars: The Old Republic sent out a developers walkthrough of The Esseles, a transport you take to Courescant after leaving your homeworld. While watching it see a little more about how SWTOR is going to play out.

What’s interesting is the group dynamic where you’re more or less bound to the decisions of a randomly selected leader. I’m interested to see how this plays out into the Light Side vs. Dark Side mechanic for each character. I mean lets just say that hypothetically you are met with one crap-tastic group after another that continually pushes you towards the Dark Side in spite of your frequent objections. Not many people would really enjoy playing that.

In the preview we see that the whole party makes the decision to go towards the dark side while the leader gets an added little bonus so it would appear that we have the ability to say “Hey now, what’s got two thumbs and is not cool with this decision? *This guy*!” But while you can’t outright switch sides in SWTOR you can be a very dark Jedi.

But what we get to see is a little more in game footage from SWTOR than we have previously seen. It’s always nice to see a little more information as to how all players will work together. It does a nice job of switching the views and showing what each character is capable of doing.

This seems to spend a big focus on the Smuggler’s talents as well as the Consular and Trooper classes, and while it’s interesting to see what they will be able to do they are not who I’m ultimately excited to become. However in regards to the Consular’s Project ability…yes please.

But really what this serves to do is elevate our excitement to a ridiculous level at this stage.

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