DmC: Devil May Cry – Wait, what was that?

DMC: Devil May Cry Gameplay Trailer

This guy did not win many fans.

When Ninja Theory first announced that they were going to create DmC, the next game in the Devil May Cry series, fans everywhere perked up a little bit. They they showed us what their re-imagined look of Dante would be and many people shit their pants in rage. A very strange reaction. Most people didn’t like the new look of Dante, claiming he looked too emaciated and emo to really embody all that we have grown to love about the son of Sparda.

But attitude is not driven by appearance and if the DmC gameplay footage below is any indication Dante’s panache and flair are still very much in tact.

As we watch the DmC gameplay trailer we’re struck with how fluid and easy Dante makes it look. He floats majestically in air as he slices the ever living hell out of everything. His style and penchant for the unnecessarily large melee weapons is still very much in tact, as his wildly acrobatic use of his pair of handguns.

But something else about this gameplay trailer really jumped out at me. Take a look at who’s doing damage around 0:33 – 0:34 seconds in. Red jacket, white hair, acrobatic ass whooping. This seems to say that fans of Dante will not be without the man they’ve grown to love over the past 10 years.

However it is known that this is to be thought of as an origin story for Dante so we can expect some form of transformation to come from him. But whatever Dante’s outward appearance may be that’s not why throngs of fans have migrated to him through the entire Devil May Cry series. So long as DmC continues to capture his assured and strong attitude then I know that we will look at it and be totally fine with whatever Ninja Theory puts out there.

Regardless DMC players can almost assuredly expect a Kafkaesque story that shows a glorious transformation from the svelte boy we were originally show to the man with unrelenting swagger and bravado, giving all of us a little more insight and knowledge into the pathology of Dante.


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