Dark Souls Trailer: I already want to break a controller

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If there is one aspect of Demon’s Souls that appeals to everyone it’s just how easy it is. Once you pick up the controller you begin to breeze through the game without ever breaking a sweat. It’s almost like they designed the game to appeal to the casual gamer who just wants to kick back, relax, and enjoy a good story.

Yeah we all know that paragraph was a giant steaming crock. Even thinking about Demon’s Souls gives video gamers chills. There are nights I wake up screaming. My wife asks me why and I whimper out between big blubbering sobs “Bolataria…I was there Meg, I was there.” Knowing this From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki has come right out and said “Yeah we’re not making Dark Souls any easier. In fact we are making it harder.” This is enough to make the most hardcore of video gamer both shudder and get a surge of adrenalin.

Yes, Dark Souls may be the first video game to ever trigger both the fight and the flight responses simultaneously. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below.

It begins with a giant, screaming, pike wielding dragon and from there it just looks nastier. Things are bigger, harder, and angrier in Dark Souls. Just admit it that you can’t wait for it’s release. It’s going to be fantastic. While video game trailers are nice and all, but more often than not they don’t stack up to real gameplay footage. Yeah well keep scrolling. The folks over at GameTrailers have some interesting gameplay footage from Gamescom.

Dark Souls Gamplay Trailer Part 1

Right from the onset we’re struck with how similar the interface looks to Demon’s Souls. As our wayward hero pillages a nearby copse he escapes his jail cell. The prison is then overrun with giant blue squid like creatures. If I had to imagine based on the players equipment we aren’t dealing with a Dark Souls level for beginners. This makes it all the more surprising when we find our hero flee up a ladder. It’s at this time that we find him getting kicked in the face. This limits his options.

Now what we ultimately take away from this is that you have to explore. This is not going to be a “Point A to Point B” affair. Dark Souls is going to be a hunt, find, “I’m sorry you must have the right key,” kind of video game. So while Demon’s Souls will beat you with a brutal onslaught Dark Souls seems to be saying “Yeah we’ll do that too, but then we’ll turn you around and get you lost trying to find hidden away items.”

Dark Souls Gameplay Trailer Part 2

Dark Souls once again stresses something that was vital in Demon’s Souls. Know your environment. In seeing that these squid creatures won’t enter into the jail cell we find ourselves in a safe haven. Once exiting they choose evade the creatures rather than engage since they are of a level that our player can’t seem to handle. Did you catch that? You don’t fight every enemy in Dark Souls. Sometimes you have to know when to run.

Exploration is once again said to be an important factor of Dark Souls. They seem to be going out of their way to say “You have to find what you need, it’s not going to pointed to you by a giant flashing yellow line” which is nice. Dark Souls isn’t going to hold your hand. Suddenly we see it. The scene all to familiar to players of Demon’s Souls: a death. But in this death we gain a certain wisdom. Yes it may be as simple as don’t do that again, but with each time something doesn’t work we know that we have found one less way to do something.

Dark Souls Gameplay Trailer Part 3

Suddenly we see just why we were met with an enemy that was too difficult to take care of. To remove the threat you had to find a different way. Just like that we find another way Dark Souls will challenge the video game player. Your battles will be difficult. You will have to locate hidden items. You will have to pay very close attention to almost every detail to solve the puzzles and problems the lurk within. Then they come out and say they’ve been cheating.

They made a character who was tougher than normal. This is understandable given that they want to make sure people can see what you can do in the demo. However it will be interesting to see how much stronger this character is. Granted the fact that he says that we’re supposed to “die a hundred times” before we figure out what we’re supposed to do is rather disheartening.

Dark Souls Gameplay Trailer Part 4

Then the real point to Dark Souls comes out. From Software isn’t making it gut wrenchingly difficult to be dicks. Okay maybe they are a little bit. But they want to give the users a sense of accomplishment. This is what Demon’s Souls excelled at and you can bet that it will be just as gratifying if not more come Dark Souls. This is what makes them so fun to play. Yes they are brutal. Yes they are painful. Yes they strip of of social connections as each hour passes away while you continually struggle with the same level for days on end. Oh man, I can’t wait!

Dark Souls is going to be released on October 4th so I can expect my blood pressure to rise and be considered unhealthy by my doctor during my physical a few days later. When they ask why I’ll just respond “Dark Souls”. If they ask any more questions I will direct them to the internet.

Did anyone else find themselves yelling “HEALTH! YOU NEED HEALTH!”

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