Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cross Platform? YES!

Counter Strike Global Offensive

In a move the resulted in ChuckLez and I coming very close to holding hands and jumping up and down like school children shrieking with unbridled joy and glee. The news that it would be coming to consoles as well as PC’s was exciting enough, but now the news that it will feature cross platform play has everyone at Polish the Console excited and talking a little pregame smack. That’s right ChuckLez, you’re gonna get yer ass kicked in an FPS by a console jokey. HOW’S IT FEEL?!?! Before we go more into it check out the trailer below.

Now it should be pointed out that you’re not going to be getting an all new offering. They are going to be beefing up the visuals to some of the old maps as well as including a few new ones as well as some new game modes. So those of you who haven’t played in a while may want to fire it back up and get ready for carnage.

However the inclusion of cross platform play is something we have been wanting out of a video game for years. Let’s face it when we can all play together we all win. Counter Strike: Global Offensive can help to bridge the gap of fanboys, platform debates, and elitism by just saying “now you can all play together”.  It’s somewhat fitting that Counter Strike is the game that helps grow the cross platform play given the impact that it had on multiplayer FPS in general. But now the question that you’re undoubtedly asking yourself is “What is new in Counter Strike: Global Offensive? What’s the Same?”

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game Modes

Bomb/Diffuse mode is making a comeback which excites me because that was the only one I was ever good at. Don’t know why I just never got the hang of anything else. Hostage mode is also making a comeback in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

However they are also bringing in a Casual game mode which will appeal to the new comers. This is a mode where you can buy whatever weapons you want each round and not worry about the cost. In this mode voice chat is open to all teams and spectators. ChuckLez heard this and began salivating. It was a little awkward.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Maps

Dust, Inferno, Aztek, Nuke and Train are all making a comeback in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and they are saying that there are changes ranging from minor to major. What these changes are this stage are up in the air but we do know that the overall layouts are being left untouched. Perhaps a level of interactivity will be added in addition to a visual overhaul of them. Once we know more and can get ChuckLez to stop polishing his mouse and muttering while glaring at everyone we’ll keep you in the loop.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Weapons and Equipment

What interested me most about the new weapons and equipment was that armor was no longer purchased but given at the start of every round. I mean, I understand, this is a way to help level the playing field and I’m totally okay with it. I was just quite surprised by it. With this we’re also getting some new weapons like a heavy machine gun, new pistols and a new shotgun. But that doesn’t mean the current standards are going unchanged. Submachine guns are getting a damage increase while pistols’ damage is getting taken down a peg or two.

But then there is the equipment. We get a decoy grenade, molotov cocktails, and taser and some interesting Bomb Diffusal Kit changes. This is no longer a buyable item. It is given at the start of the match and is dropped on death and has to be picked up by another teammate. This will surely add a more interesting dynamic to the match.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Control Upgrade

They aren’t just stopping at making the visuals get an improvement. The biggest complaint of PC gamers is that FPS console’s don’t allow for the control and precision of a PC keyboard and mouse. Well it seems that Counter Strike: GO will. Since the PS3 supports USB keyboard and mouse use Valve is looking to capitalize on this to help make things even between platforms.  While few games in the PS3 lineup actually cater to this capability it’s nice to see Valve taking advantage of it.

However they aren’t just stopping there. They are going to offer numerous variations on the standard controller setup for the PS3 as well ass offer Playstation Move support for Counter Strike: GO. This adds a whole new element of precision and speed to the gameplay as well as making it more accessible to a broader range of users. Well played Valve, well played.

In any event Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be out on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 in early 2012.

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