Hawken Story Teaser: Is “Mech-gasm” a word yet?

Hawken Mech Cockpit

There is relatively little known about Adhesive Games‘ new shooter Hawken. What we do know is that firstly, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Second there are mechs. Third the mechs are gorgeous. Fourth and fifth: firefights and fragging. Let’s be honest though, they had us at “mechs”. Look below to get a glimpse of Hawken taken from gameplay footage.

Are you okay? Do you need a minute? I know I had to pause and get some paper towel to mop up the drool. I don’t think we’ve been this excited for a Mech game since MechWarrior 3. Forget any modicum of unbiased. DO WANT. I really quite indifferent what this costs I fully intend to play it. Want me to sell you my house for a copy? Done. I get to keep the dogs though. Now this gameplay trailer only tells us so much. Firstly, we know it’s a FPS. We also learn that this takes place on a desolate mined out planet starving for resources. And there are guns. Big guns mounted on Mechs. Did we mention mechs?

hawken mech combat

He looks like he just needs a hug.

But it’s in the Hawken Website FAQ that we get a little more information. This is a multiplayer mech combat FPS. There are two unique modes (I’m fairly certain one of them will be a resource capture) as well as a free for all deathmatch and team deathmatch. As of right now they want┬áto bring it to PC, PS3, and the Xbox 360, however it appears as though if they do the console version will most likely be a port since it appears that the PC version is looking quite polished.

As far as a price they say that they want a digital release to help keep costs low. This makes me a tad giddy. We’re somewhat hoping that Hawken can see a Steam release. What we do know is that it’s been far too long since we strapped into a mech and caused some serious collateral damage. What? I’m not a good shot. I admit it freely.

Once we learn more about Hawken we will keep you posted.

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