SWTOR Crew Skills Trailer: Let them handle the minutia

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I’m just going to lay it out there. I feel funny talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic when it’s not Friday. It’s almost like I’m cheating on Friday. Sultry Thursday comes sauntering up waving it’s SWTOR news and I get weak in the knees.

Released the other day was a video detailing something quite interesting about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Are you the kind of video gamer who likes to play video games? Of course you are. But do you like to play them because of all of the minutia and grinding and farming and crafting and BS trading missions that you are sometimes forced to do in order to ultimately succeed? If you are then while you may still like SWTOR you may not like as much you originally thought.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Crew Gathering Skills

This is a piece of every MMORPG or just an RPG in general that becomes annoying from time to time. When you need to create the latest and greatest you have to go out into the world and find materials. While I’ve always viewed it as a necessary evil it was never that exciting. Farming for materials has never been a part of an MMORPG that people have stood up and said “Just wait until you see this farming mechanic. It’s awesome. You’ll spend all day farming. In fact you will say ‘Screw the actual questing and missions….I just wanna faaaaaaaaaarm.’ It’s just that good.” We do it because we actually want to create something great.

But with Star Wars: The Old Republic they’ve taken part of the work away from you. Yes yes, you can go gather materials yourself. Or you can send out a companion to do it for you. Yes you can take one of your unused SWTOR companions and say to them leave the ship where you’re not doing anything and go get me something we can use. In other words you can say “go be useful”.

The Gathering Skills include:

  • Archaeology – seek out imbued items like Lightsaber crystals and ancient artifacts
  • Bioanalysis – collecting genetic material from plants and animals
  • Scavenging – recovering useful materials and parts from old or damaged equipment
  • Slicing – accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire data and schematics

Star Wars: The Old Republic Crew Crafting Skills

Do you need something built but done want to take the time to build it yourself? Well well well. SWTOR has you covered with their Crafting skills. While you’re out and about on various adventures saving / enslaving the galaxy you can have your crew members who are on the ship still be put to work even though you’re not near them.

Using the materials you have gathered and forced your crew members to gather you can then have them combine them to create items based on your needs. Need new armor? Have your companion make new armor. Need a new awesome weapon? Have that lazy crew member make it for you. No more will your crew members just lollygag around the ship while you’re off doing all the work. This is no longer a free ride for you companions. Time to earn their keep.

The interesting thing about this is that you can have 5 companions work at the same crating station at one time. You don’t have to play an interminable waiting game. If your Star Wars: The Old Republic character needs 4 things made then you get them made.

You don’t even have to be there to tell them to start crafting. It’s nice that the Star Wars universe is letting us embrace the beauty of communication devices to say to one another “Hey my blaster is crap, can you make me a new one since you’re right there next to the crafting station?”

The crafting stills include:

  • Armormech – work with metals and electronic shielding to construct armor
  • Armstech – construct blasters, blaster rifles and upgrades
  • Artifice – construct Jedi and Sith artifacts
  • Biochem –engineer performance-enhancing serums and implants
  • Cybertech – construct gadgets and components for Droids and high-tech armors
  • Synthweaving – lighter outfits and armors that are imbued with supernatural qualities

Star Wars: The Old Republic Crew Mission Skills

But they’re not just stopping at gathering and making. Remember back in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood when you could send assassins out to get things done? Remember how fun that was? Star Wars: The Old Republic is pulling a similar trick and letting our companions engage in missions outside of the ship. The missions include:

  • Diplomacy – conduct and managing negotiations
  • Investigation – examine evidence and following clues to discover valuable secrets
  • Treasure Hunting – track down and recover valuable items by investigating clues (please have them find Carmen Sandiego)
  • Underworld Trading – trading of illegal goods and services

Now these missions all take time to do but there is always a payoff. When they come back they will have experience, items, and other goodies. So while you’re out taking care of the rabid Bantha infestation they can be out schmoozing the politicians negotiating a trade settlement or selling younglings into slavery on the black market.

But there is one added bonus mentioned in the video that needs to be touched on. They will do this when you are not even logged on! This makes for a world of difference in how you can play Star Wars: The Old Republic. You don’t have to keep your game running to reap the rewards. Simply come back to it and suddenly…GOODIES!

I swear the more I hear about SWTOR the more I salivate.

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