About Us

Who are we?

We are in fact a couple fans of BioWare who were brought together by seemingly endless discussions as to why Dragon Age was so much fun to play – all the while giving love to our boy Sandal – best damn enchanter ever.

Both of us have very different backgrounds, personality types, styles, thoughts, and lives. But video games did what they do best – they brought people together with a common passion and let us get to know one another. From here we learned what we already knew (video games are awesome) and learned that we weren’t the only ones who felt that way.

We decided to share.

The Wadoobie –

The Wadoobie stems from an old college persona. To be honest it made use of a cowboy hat, machete, and loin cloth. He was popular at parties and not so much at class. Never one to shy away from being “that guy” The Wadoobie doesn’t mind sharing his opinion no matter how unpopular it may be.

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Kat Tiki

Kat may be a little scared when it comes to the horror genre but any other style of game she’s up for. With a minor infatuation for all things BioWare and a certain cheeky Grey Warden if it’s got anything to do with RPG, Austin Texas, or Edmonton, Alberta she’s all in. Did we mention she’s surprisingly pervy?

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ChuckLez – Twitter: Not yet…maybe some day

ChuckLez is our resident hardcore PC gamer. We’re afraid to take him with anything involving a keyboard and a mouse. However you throw a game of Clue on the table and ChuckLez is in for a contest. Don’t let his calm exterior fool you, when it comes to his gaming he’s passionate, determined, and will frag the pants off of anyone.

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What do we do?

Professionally we are marketers. Personally we are gamers. Our careers invariably led us to say “Lets make a website about it” in jest, but it snowballed, and we’re left with this burgeoning new site named Polish the Console.  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

What’s the goal?

Really just an outlet of mirth and merriment. A way to enjoy, laugh about, experience, and engage video games on a whole new level.

…and hey, if BioWare decides to throw an offer on the table, who are we to refuse?

What’s this about Poland?

No no, you’re saying it wrong. It’s not Polish, it’s polish, like shining your shoes. Also, we tend to walk on the pervy side of video games. Think about it. Don’t make us spell this out.

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