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Ezio Auditore da Firenze

If you can get past those knives, you get to those sexy lips...if you dare.

Assassin’s Creed II blew the first Assassin’s Creed out of the water.  Not only because of the many varied quests (breaking out of the standard ‘rescue citizen’, ‘eavesdrop’, and ‘beat up’ events), the beautiful scenery set in Renaissance Italy (rather than the very dull, grayish setting of Jerusalem), and the introduction of new characters and new mini quests (Subject 16 videos!), but also because of the more animated, more interesting main character.  Ezio Auditore da Firenze starts off as a spoiled rich kid, but when some catastrophic events happen to his family, he grows into the assassin.  Not only does Ezio have a lovely accent, but he actually sounds authentic.  In the first Assassin’s Creed, the main character Altair was one of the biggest drawbacks in the game.  He wasn’t interesting to listen to, and he didn’t sound like he belonged.

Ass Stamp

Is it possible to stealthily stamp this on Ezio?

But dear Ezio charms both men and women.  His stoic attitude and fierce passion for revenge has men falling in formation as allies, and his attractive features and knight-like qualities has women falling in love.  I find myself charmed by Ezio’s humor and dedication.  Even in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, when Ezio decides a goatee is an excellent fashion statement, I still love him.

Ezio Auditore Brotherhood

He protects his most precious assets with his daggers. Just TRY to kick him there, guys.

There’s nothing greater than getting behind a character you find both attractive and rousing as an Assassin.  And of course, it’s great to see Ezio getting some lovin’ in the games.  Thus, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, we award you with the Ass Stamp of Approval!

…because you know we approve both when he assassinates his enemies and when he flirts with the ladies.


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Hey PtC followers!  Sorry we’ve been waaaaaay behind on posting.  We promise to jump on the gaming ball very soon.  In fact, I’ll try to do something for Assassin’s Creed II ASAP.  Because, to be quite frank, ACII is better than I in every…single…way.  When does that ever happen?!  It’s incredible.

Now don't be scared...girls are gamers, too.


Anywhos, I wanted to tell you that both Wadoobie and I got personal Twitter accounts!  Now you can follow us and our every move!  (And you can see what we look like…I’ll give you a preview!)

I’m at @KatTiki

Wadoobie can be found at @WadoobiePtC

Check us out!


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There’s nothing worse for an achievement or trophy whore (see ‘achievement / trophy whore’ definition here) than when a game decides it’s a good idea to have some ridiculous type of collectible within the game as an achievement.  You know the type; those ridiculous pieces of paraphernalia that mean absolutely nothing to gameplay, storyline, or character development.  Nothing that furthers the actual plot of the game.  No, the only value to these random items is the achievement.

These things are as important to gameplay as the name of the designer who created Kratos’ hair.

…exactly.  They are that important.

God of War: Kratos

Why can't the flag achievements be as nonexistent as Kratos' hair?

I decided that I wanted to finish Assassin’s Creed before I started Assassin’s Creed II.  I know, I know, a little behind.  But I don’t mean story-line-wise.  I wanted to finish all the achievements.  I had pretty much all of them, except for the flag collections, Templar kills, and killing 25 guards.  After a few tries in which the guards hysterically became scared of Atair and ran away from him, I was able to lure and kill enough guards to get the achievement.  Which left the achievements for flag collecting and Templar killing (which is essentially collecting).

I set myself up with the laptop and the game, referring to the laptop for the flag locations online.  First of all, what a time waster.  The flags are sometimes hidden in tricky locations, causing the player to hunt around an area.  Thank goodness for the ability to place a ‘Player Marker’, otherwise I’d be doomed.

Assassin's Creed Flag

These will haunt my dreams.

Secondly, the cities are BIG.  There are three districts, and two of the flag achievements require the player to hunt down 100 flags total, without keeping each district’s flags as a separate achievement.  As I’m going through Jerusalem, I check off each flag starting at 1 all the way up to 100, without skipping any so I don’t mess up the count.  This whole process probably took around 2-3 hours.  And before you go off and say ‘Wow, you must be the slowest player on the planet’, I just want to say that I get easily distracted and want to kill every guard I encounter.  Anyways, as I head to the 100th flag’s location, I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I’m at 99 / 100 flags.  There’s 1 damn flag left.

And it’s not where the 100th flag should be.

I had a meltdown.  Threw the controller, swore like a sailor, ranted to Wadoobie about it.  Because there’s no way I’m spending that much time to go through all 100 flags a second time…just to find ONE MISSING FLAG.  No way!

So, to make myself feel better, I’m tossing AC1 aside and digging in to AC2 immediately.

But it would also help to hear other horror stories.  What’s given you the biggest headache?  Skulls, Packages, Flying Rats, Dog Tags, Gobbos, Audio Diaries?  Whatever your poison, I want to hear it.

Oh, and if you need help with flag locations, these AC maps are worthy of an Ass Stamp of Approval.


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Love a game or hate it there is one thing in particular that brings every user back for more. The thrill of adventure.

Video games have multiplayer, anymore that’s almost a given. Multiplayer gives people the chance to go out and pit themselves against other people from around the world or it allows for a collaborative effort to achieve victory. But there are some games that either miss the mark, or totaly skip the online process altogether.

There are plenty of games that feature an elite group that is special in its power and abilities. These groups are revered through out the world that they inhabit and rightly so. In many instances they allow for tremendous character customaization that allow for you to literally recreate yourself in that world and develop and grow your powers until you become an unstopable force of nature.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Who doesn't get warm fuzzies from this?

Okay before we get hit with a teeming mass of nerd rage let me just say that I’ve been a Ghostbusters fan since the movie came out. The game was like a culmination of my entire childhood gloriously shooting forth like an overcharged proton stream of pleasure. My fiance (Meg) lives in constant fear of the morning that I awake and begin singing the Ghostbusters theme song becuase she know’s its a pretty fair bett I will be planted in front of a television slinging traps like Mel Gibson slings racial slurs.

Even the multiplayer is fantastic. There is just one tiny, ever so minute flaw. I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Sure, the Rookie was interesting, looked like a nice guy, someone that I could relate to, go out, grab a slice and a brew with. But he wasn’t me. I like me. I think I would make a great Ghostbuster.

I sincerely hope they make a sequel and allow for character customization. I may very well need to change my shorts if I ever hear that news. My poor family would be inundated with photos of me when I brought down a most wanted ghost, or that time I managed to bag 20 ghosts without damaging any property. Sure…they would hate it, but I would be in pure nerd heaven. The only thing better would be Bill Murray sitting next to me giving me a high five and a one liner.

Dragon Age: Origins / Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins was a fantastic concept, you join an army of Grey Wardens only to have it wiped out at the start of the game. Sadly, you are left with two in all of Ferelden to face the blight. But when the game is done what is left? The same story told with different choices and outcomes but no additionaly play through ever really felt like the first.

The blight wasn’t totally destroyed and neither were the Grey Wardens (as shown in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening). I was so hoping for Dragon Age II to announce that once and it would allow for your Grey Warden to join the rest of his Bretheren to fight the blight in a whole new world, allowing for Grey Wardens from all over the world to work together.

Games such as Resistance 2 stood out with fantastic multiplayer that was objective / mission based and required players to work as a team to meet a common goal. It wasn’t just about killing everything that got in front of you, it was about using your skills and assets to work as a team to accomplish something.

Dragon Age could have beneifted greatly from this style of online play. I mean lets face it, I spent how much time building up my Grey Warden for what? To say, “Hey lookie there…I get to make a new one!”

I was part of an elite group of soldiers and never really got to see any others (save for 3) until I had to buy an expansion. It never quite felt like a true army.

However the inlcusion of some multiplayer where Grey Wardens from all over the land came together to stop a growing mass of Darkspawn before things really got out of hand would have made it even more personal and significantly upped the continued play of the game. It would have allowed for a Grey Warden to live on past the blight. Heck…even a little tenting could take place

Solid multiplayer would have taken a fantastic game and sent it shooting deep within the annals of gaming history with the brute force and all of the concern of a run away train. It could very well have set a benchmark for all games to come.

Any Star Wars Game

Star Wars - Old Republic Sith

That just looks like trouble

Thank friggin goodness for Old Republic. Yes, it doesn’t really do well in this setting becuase it is in fact an MMORPG but to date almost all single player Star Wars games miss the mark.

You have Jedi, you have Sith, you have Bounty Hunters, the Mandalorian, and more than we have words with. You have an entire galaxy populated with elite groups of warriors. Even as high level as Empire and Rebellion have great potential for online multiplayer perfection.

Again, the impending release of Star Wars: Old Repubilc should have every Start Wars fanboy gamer in absolute heaven.

Mass Effect

Similarly it would have been fun to be able to experience the full potential of a Spectre force. Though by nature Mass Effect’s Spectres were supposed to work alone it would have been fun to see a gathering of Spectres on the Citadel station hearing a call to arms from a near by system. A job that only a small band of Spectres can take on.

Since Mass Effect seemed to go a big rubbery one over using elevators as a loading screen you could even get a briefing on the mission while you rode the elevator to the Normandy.

Once on planet Spectres could start out together in an intial push until things quiet down a bit. Then each has their own misison to accomplish. As they split you still hear chatter and can see one another at various points. Once individual tasks were complete a full scale epic final push would take place. Completion would urn you pride, failure…mockery in Spectre History.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

While not my favorite game, I am just a sucker for Transformers. They are almost as fantastic to me as Ghostbusters.

Once I heard I could make my own Transformer for online play Meg heard me excited tell her that and began to worry that this would be just like Ghostbusters: The Video Game. “I’m not going to see you for a few weeks am I?”

While the customization wasn’t quite as impressive as I had hoped it was still customization. I mean it’s not like I can very well expect them to offer an vehicle line up on par with Gran Turismo to choose from. It’s good, it’s solid, and it works.

But where’s the fun? It’s fairly standard, online play. I’m not knockin’ it, but it just didn’t live up quite as much to it’s potential. It’s kinda sad to say but when it comes to online fun, LittleBig Planet can run circles around Transformers: War for Cybertron. That’s right when it comes to online play Sackboy can kick Prime right in the Autobot twig and giggle berries.

But why do some game companies not engage in multiplayer when there is so much possibility? Well there’s a mutlitude of reasons. Some being time, money, and desire to focus on the single player game at hand. Sometimes for the company, a full tilt boogey single player game is infinately more important to them than offers a rich and rewarding experience. But what then when the characters have a yerning to live on past their single player campaign. What then when we want to run the right past the finale and into continued glory?

Maybe someday all games will (by default) allow for a fantastic multiplayer experience or at a mimimum pull an Assassins Creed and say “While it wasn’t in the original game, here’s the good mutliplayer aspect.”

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