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She’s been called a Villain.

She’s been called a Hero.

She’s been called an Antihero.

But the truth is… she doesn’t really fit in one particular category.  She breaks out of molds to show she really can’t be tamed.

See that smirk? ...okay, nevermind, I know you're not looking at her face.

She is the undefinable Catwoman.

I love Catwoman.  I can’t get enough Catwoman.  It devastated me that Catwoman was not around except for a very short paragraph in Arkham Asylum.  In fact, I was so disheartened by the lack of Catwoman that I didn’t even bother to play Arkham Asylum.


Catwoman as a playable character is gonna be AWESOME!!!

But that will all change with the upcoming Arkham City.  And it simply isn’t enough that Catwoman appear in this game; in Arkham City, she’ll be a whole new playable character.  You can even upgrade her armor and abilities when doing so.  What’s more, she gets her very own storyline.  She’s very different from Batman, so instead of always needing to do the right thing, Catwoman may be able to take a different approach.

Guess what that does for the lover of Catwoman in me?  Yes, it 100% makes me squeal with delight like a little girl on Christmas who just got exactly what she wanted.  I’m not exaggerating, when I heard that Catwoman would be in Arkham City, I teared up a little.  When I watched her very own trailer, I got tingly.  I’m proud to be a supporter of Catwoman, now hearing that she’ll be a prominent character in Arkham City, and just by being her sultry yet kickass self.  I suppose I have a bit of a female crush on her.  I already know I’ll be giving her an Ass Stamp of Approval when Arkham City comes out.


Yeaaaah... that guy's screwed.

One thing I’ve found intriguing about the appearance of Catwoman in Arkham City is that she makes no effort in hiding her identity.  In any Batman series or movie that I’ve watched, I always remember her masking herself, and it was almost like a game for Bruce and Selina to try to figure out who the other one was.  Another thing, being a catburglar, she has the risk of her face being identified on security cameras.  I’m interested to see the reasoning behind the maskless Catwoman.

Being that PtC is a pervy website, I have to ask:  Does Catwoman being included and seeming to be an important figure mean that she’ll be a love interest of Batman’s?  Because she usually is.  I know Arkham Asylum was rated T, but could Rocksteady include some steamy scenes between the Bat and the Cat?  I really hope so.


For how angry he looks, she clearly stole his... heart.

In conclusion, I’m sure Catwoman will rock Batman’s world.  Skintight leather, high heeled boots, a collar and whip; sounds like a dream for a man who wears a mask and loves his gadgets.

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