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Killzone 3’s graphics get a 5 out of 5


The story felt as if it was very fragmented. Parts of it were gripping while other aspects were not fleshed out enough to really make me care. There is a gripping and interesting political struggle going on behind the scenes in the wake of Scolar Visari’s death between Admiral Orlock who commands the Helgan military and Johan Stahl a weapons manufacturer for the Helgan Military. Each wants to run the show and will do so no matter what it takes.

Then there is the story that centers around Sev who was introduced to us in Killzone 2. They are stranded on Helgan and waiting for a ride when they learn of a plot to lay waste to Earth. It’s a fairly standard first person shooter plot. “Space marine must save humanity from evil aliens”. Yes I know the Helgan were once human but lets face it, they really aren’t anymore.

Nothing in it really blew my skirt up, but when they cut to the goings on of the Helgan power struggle you see something potentially great and full of intrigue, deception, and great planning that almost pulls the game through with flying colors.

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Killzone 3’s story gets a 4 out of 5


Killzone 3 is a fun game that is a must have for any Killzone fan. It’s fun fast paced and has half of a really outstanding and interesting story. Visually it’s a glorious display of what the PS3 can handle and while I’m sure it was wonderful with the Playstation Move, when it comes to a regular old SIXAXIS it’s pretty much a rehash of what worked so well in Killzone 2. Killzone 3 sits at the cusp of greatness but never quite gets stands up and reaches for it.

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Killzone 3 gets a 4 out of 5

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