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Killzone has always been a special game for me. It continually brings back wonderful nostalgic feelings. When I was in college the original Killzone came out for the PS2. I never actually played it since my console had a rather nasty problem at the time but I sat with my friend Jim and watched him play it. I was in awe. Everything from the AI, the graphics, the background, it was all mesmerizing. When Killzone 2 came out it was a no brainer for me. I played it, I loved it, I went nuts for it. It brought back those feelings of “we really should be studying but that’s just not gonna happen tonight.”

killzone 3 helgast attack

This could end poorly

Once more a new Killzone experience came into glorious existence and I was more than ready to pick up a copy and rock out. I have been a total Killzone fanboy and I have loved every minute of it. Admittedly part of me held the copy in my hand and said “This will be a 5 out 5 across the board. This is going to be that good!” Did Killzone 3 live up to expectations? Well lets find out shall we?


(Note: All controls are non Playstation Move) Out of the box the controls for Killzone 3 are pretty much what you would expect from a FPS. For me I had to tweak and adjust them a little bit to make them more “Wadooberific” but as far as layout is concerned they were pretty standard.

When Killzone 2 came out it came out swinging with fantastic use of the motion aspect for PS3 controllers. While Killzone 3 focused on showing the precision of the Playstation move they seem to have totally neglected showing off what else you can do with a Playstation controller. They just tacked on what worked before with no real innovation. You can call it a little non-Move jealousy but because of the lack of innovation I was fairly let down.

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Killzone 3’s controls get a 3 out of 5


When you’re not walking around shooting in Killzone 3 you’re flying around shooting, or riding in a large mech shooting, or driving around shooting. There is an on-rails shooter aspect to a few of the missions you undertake but they are so breathtakingly beautiful and so well executed that you almost forget about the whole on-rails aspect. When you were off rails and it was just you and a gun you had action that was so intense that I found myself jumping up and yelling at my television in excitement and glee.

What turned me off however was that it was a little too glitchy. From audio that would skip or just my shots not registering when they hit the target it became a deterrent. However as I continued to play they seemed to work themselves out and by the end the game was smooth and perfect.

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Killzone 3’s gameplay gets a 4 out of 5


Visually amazing. The biggest complaint people had with the last Killzone was that it was relatively small when it came to the color palate. They addressed this by throwing you into the middle of a lavish jungle with reds and subtle undertones of blue. We expected a lot from Killzone 3’s graphics and they delivered quite well. What we have to remember about Helgan is that it’s a dying planet. Expecting some lush and verdant forest isn’t what that planet is about. It’s a world built on hard work and cold stone. It’s a cold and dying world with no beauty. To put us in the middle of a flowery colorful field would seem very out of place. However the factories inject a little color into our lives. Perhaps it’s the Helgan way to make the workplace more appealing than anywhere else. But once you find yourself inside of a structure you begin to experience a little more than the browns and greys.

Jetpack Helgast

Notice the vibrant colors...wait a minute

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Killzone 3’s graphics get a 5 out of 5


The story felt as if it was very fragmented. Parts of it were gripping while other aspects were not fleshed out enough to really make me care. There is a gripping and interesting political struggle going on behind the scenes in the wake of Scolar Visari’s death between Admiral Orlock who commands the Helgan military and Johan Stahl a weapons manufacturer for the Helgan Military. Each wants to run the show and will do so no matter what it takes.

Then there is the story that centers around Sev who was introduced to us in Killzone 2. They are stranded on Helgan and waiting for a ride when they learn of a plot to lay waste to Earth. It’s a fairly standard first person shooter plot. “Space marine must save humanity from evil aliens”. Yes I know the Helgan were once human but lets face it, they really aren’t anymore.

Nothing in it really blew my skirt up, but when they cut to the goings on of the Helgan power struggle you see something potentially great and full of intrigue, deception, and great planning that almost pulls the game through with flying colors.

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Killzone 3’s story gets a 4 out of 5


Killzone 3 is a fun game that is a must have for any Killzone fan. It’s fun fast paced and has half of a really outstanding and interesting story. Visually it’s a glorious display of what the PS3 can handle and while I’m sure it was wonderful with the Playstation Move, when it comes to a regular old SIXAXIS it’s pretty much a rehash of what worked so well in Killzone 2. Killzone 3 sits at the cusp of greatness but never quite gets stands up and reaches for it.

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Killzone 3 gets a 4 out of 5

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