Playing video games is always fun when you get to play with others. Let’s face it, it’s always fun to play with someone else. Here at Polish the Console we always enjoy playing with other people so if you want to help out go right ahead and hit up some of our Multiplayer Sections below:

How to Guest Post

Guest Posts – Don’t like what we have to say? Think you can say it better? Let us know. We’ll help you to make sure it gets found and you can show it off with pride.

Previous Guest Posts

Previous Guest Posts – Read what others have put out there. Who knows, you may like them more than you like us.


Design – We are not artists. We are so far from artists its down right frightening. We’re not gonna lie. We suck at it. However you may not. In fact you may be quite good. Want to get your work shown? We are always looking for new backgrounds.

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