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Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 trailer leaves us with some questions

E3 has already brought us some wonderful news and information. However for me one thing has already stood out from the rest. Lets be honest, I’m a bit of a Star Wars nerd. I made my fiance watch it when we started dating because I didn’t feel I could have a meaningful relationship with someone that had never heard of the planet Dagobah. When they announced a new game that would be an MMO and “continue” the KOTOR saga I got excited. Then E3 2009 hit and I got to see this gem:

This single video has had be brimming with anticipation since I first saw it. Now a new E3 is upon us and BioWare has bestowed upon us a brand new trailer:

Why yes, there are substantially fewer Jedi there are in fact fewer soldiers. Besides when you have a Jedi that can stop a lightsaber with her bare hand…well that’s just impressive. Never saw Yoda pull that move. I just have a few questions left that I’m hoping BioWare will answer.

Games like Dragon Age: Origins allowed us a world with frequent and rampant tenting. In fact during my second playthrough I feel as though it should have been sponsored by Vivid. My elf was a whore. Mass Effect didn’t have as much but it sure stirred up a bit of controversy. Mass Effect 2 upped the hotness a bit by adding Miranda Lawson who had…a special set of assets that she brought to any situation.

Will Star Wars: Old Republic have any mechanic that will allow for special trysts? Something similar to Fable III perhaps? Or are they just going to ignore the topic altogether?

I can just see it now. Two Jedi, after a heated battle, alone at camp. Lights dim around them as they begin a passionate embrace. The door swings open and suddenly we’re left to wonder where the fine Admiral came from.

Admiral Akbar - It's a Trap

I guess that means use protection?

Now I know E3 isn’t the place to tell people anything and everything about a new game or product, but give some great additional information.

Don’t forget to check out our E3 News section to stay up to date with everything thats going on in LA this week.

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