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Mass Effect 3: Combat Reveal Trailer

Mass Effect 3 Screen Shot

Something tells me Shepard won't like him picking up Liara

I believe the words you will be looking for to describe this Mass Effect 3 combat reveal from BioWare and EA are going to be “holy crap wtf that was AWESOME.” That is precisely what what we said when we saw what unfolded. Rather than go on about it here, we’ll let you take a gander for yourself.

If this trailer is in fact indicative of the actual combat in game then Mass Effect 3 looks to be full of frenetic combat that will get your blood pumping to various extremities and heart racing like a thoroughbred.

In the trailer we catch a glimpse of Shepard as he assumes the role of Squad Leader taking Garrus and Liara up against a Cerberus attack. Throughout the video we see a appears to be a more chaotic and fast paced combat environment than we saw through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and this isn’t something that’s easy to pull off.

While the Mass Effect 3 trailer doesn’t really do much to give any new insight into the story it does reinforce the fact that Cerberus is pissed and coming after you. After watching this I feel I can speak for a majority of gamers when I say “Bring it you glowing eyed¬†Elusive Prick…sorry…Man.”

But the updates from Mass Effect 3 don’t end there. Below you’ll find a slew of new screen shot deliciousness to keep you interested.

Mass Effect 3 Enemy Screenshot

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Screenshot

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Shooting

Mass Effect 3 Giant Walking Robot

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Mele

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