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Things that will piss us off if in Dragon Age 2

I’m very eagerly looking forward to March 8th.  Honestly, I’m counting the days.  That’s when my very favorite game developer ever, BioWare, puts out the sequel to one of my very favorite video games, Dragon Age.  That’s right folks, Dragon Age 2 comes out on March 8th.  Hopefully you got your preorder in before January 11th.

But I’ve got to say, there were a few things from Dragon Age that I’m hoping not to encounter in Dragon Age 2.  Things that were so horrific, annoying, frustrating, or just plain ridiculous, that I never want to see them again.  Please add anything I missed in the comments.

  1. The Fade.  Okay, okay, I can understand that it’s a very real part of the world, and while I’m sure it’s cool to develop and show, it’s awful.  In all the additional playthroughs of Dragon Age that I started, every single one is stopped in the Fade.  Why’s that?  It sucks.  There’s no possibility of tenting, or having help from your party members (until the HARD final battle), and the music!  That is the stuff of nightmares.  And Niall…drives me crazy.  I wish there was a slapping option built in the game just for him.

    The Fade

    This place is the stuff of nightmares. Literally.

  2. Isolde.  Enough said.  Watch this video and you’ll understand why.  If you watch this whole video without pausing it…and without running away screaming or sticking cotton balls in your ears so they don’t start bleeding, you deserve an achievement or trophy.
  3. Broodmothers.  Especially the ones in Awakening.  That was the easiest fight of my life.  Kind of a letdown after the ridiculously difficult battle in Dragon Age: Origins.  All I know is…I hate tentacles.  And Broodmothers.
  4. Any Rituals that Require my Lover to Sleep with Anyone Else.  ‘Nuff said.
  5. Zevran.  Sorry, Calamitybird, but I get seriously creeped out by him turning everything into a sexual innuendo.  Even if that’s what Wadoobie & I do on an hourly basis.  Maybe it’s the accent.
  6. Too Much Time Spent Underground. Yes, I found the dwarves missions fascinating, but still.  I felt like half my game was spent underground.  The political intrigue, the Deep Roads, Oghren’s wife, the golems…  I was dying for fresh air when I finally left that place.  I can’t imagine what it was like for those people who are claustrophobic.
  7. Inventory Management.  I’m a person who hoardes things.  My first entire playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, I was incredibly frustrated that I had so much stuff, and so little space.  I hated selling things.  But I realized it was a necessity.  I particularly hated the Mage’s Tower because once you were in the Tower, you really couldn’t sell anything until you were completely done going through the Tower.  That drove me nuts.  And yes, I would walk all the way back through the Deep Roads just to sell things.
  8. Not Being Able to Talk to your Teammates Directly.  In Dragon Age: Awakening, you couldn’t start a conversation with your teammates directly.  That absolutely bothered me to no end.  I felt it limited what I could learn about my teammates.  Why don’t they want to talk to me, I would wonder.  Oh, I’ve gotta stand in front to a statue and be able to talk, or stare at a tree?  Interesting.  I mean, I like that it was creative and inventive, but I also want to talk to them normally as well.


    I'm getting the shivers just looking at him...

  9. Dogs at the Camp.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I think dogs are adorable.  But that damn Mabari Hound just kept barking away while I was trying to have a sexy conversation with Alistair.  Alistair would be saying something sweet, but all I could hear was “Woof, woof!!!”.
  10. People that Die Right After a Conversation.  This bugs the hell outta me.  I have healing potions, I have spells to heal, and yet, somehow, they die IMMEDIATELY after you end the conversation with them.  This one got me so mad, I wrote a whole post about it.

What would you hate to see in Dragon Age 2?


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Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Fear

Well, well, well.  First of all, I have to say a huge thank you to my sister’s fiance right now.  He let me borrow Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, because he knows I love DA:O so much.  In fact, he would tease me about how much time I spent playing it.  Look, I’m just a very slow RPG gamer.  I like to explore, enjoy, and of course, most importantly, tent.  These things take time.  Anywhos, so I have the Xbox 360 version of Dragon Age, and when you’re friends with someone, it shows what you’re playing, so he always knew when I was Dragon Age-ing.  (Dragon Aging?)

So Saturday I took home Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening.  It’s brand new.  Unopened, even.  I stared at it, in its clean, unopened case, for several minutes.  I hesitated.

Yes, while I thank BioWare greatly for making the best RPGs known to man (and woman!), I still hesitated.  Some strange fear was growing in my mind, a dark shadow of doubt.

While I was ecstatic to see Alistair again, I was also a little afraid.  I remembered Wadoobie’s post about no tenting in Awakening, which upset me because I knew that meant I would be seeing much of Alistair this time around.  I also heard that he would be a little…distant.

I don’t know if I can handle that.


Alistair looks...distant

What if…what if Alistair doesn’t love me anymore?  What if he has had continued fantasies of Morrigan from the Dark Ritual night, and is now wishing he hadn’t decided to (agreed to, rather) marry me?

Plus, how will my royal subjects respond to me leaving on a quest?  I mean, I’m the Queen now.  And, granted, I was the hero of Fereldan when I battled and killed the Archdemon, but still, won’t people be rather upset when I go off questing again?

You know how Pirates of the Caribbean wrapped the first movie up nicely, and everything was happy and good?  Well then you watch the second and the third movies, and you’re like, ‘WTF just happened?’  They basically ruined a good ending.  It kind of shatters the happy image you had of Will and Elizabeth.

I’m just hoping my happy ending (*ahem* no pun intended) between Alistair and Avaline isn’t destroyed.


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Dragon Age: Origins – Alistair Has a Secret Crush on Morrigan

We all know by now that one of our favorite games is, without a doubt, Dragon Age: Origins.  Amazingly complex, deep characters abound in this RPG, making it a thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable journey for players.  And these deep characters might be even more complex than we first thought.  Let me just throw this out there –

Alistair has a secret crush on Morrigan.

Alistair & Morrigan

Steamy stolen glances between Alistair & Morrigan

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious – but might be hotly debated.  And honestly, I’m in the same boat.  I would be the first to say Alistair is completely in love with my character – and my character only.  Morrigan is further from his mind than north is to south.  But I’m here to play devil’s advocate.  So as much as I want to deny it, based on my full-on love for Alistair, but I can’t help seeing how this could be true.

Let’s start with the more general evidence.  Alistair and Morrigan are constantly bickering, with Morrigan heavily teasing Alistair.  This sort of behavior is akin to the playground mentality of hitting the girl you actually like.  (…except it’s Morrigan doing the beating on Alistair)  This bickering is what we call sexual tension.  You can practically create lightning from the electricity flowing between them.

In fact, I’m half convinced that’s how Morrigan has any powers at all.

Secondly, the dark ritual.  UGH.  I think all the female gamers shudder at the mere utterance of that phrase.  So, would any guy who truly had saved himself for his first time to be with someone he really loved agree to this?  Um, no.  “Raised in the Chantry”, he says…it ‘goes against his morals’ to tent without him knowing it’s true love.  Trying to get him in the sack with you is time-consuming.  You practically have to beg this guy to do it with you.  You have to gently work him up to the idea.  And yet, it takes all of one minute to convince him to sleep with Morrigan.  Granted, this act saves your life and his, but still.  Recall that he supposedly ‘loathes’ this woman.  Yet you basically just have to ask him please and he’s prancing into the room with Morrigan, kicking you out and locking the door.  Yes, he argues a little to save face and make himself look good, but he practically drooling at the thought.

The fact that the dark ritual is NEVER discussed afterwards between your character and Alistair is also incredibly suspicious.  I’ve touched on this before (in my letter to BioWare, I got a little sidetracking with horrible memories of the dark ritual event), but I need to say it again.  Wouldn’t Alistair say something to reassure you that being with Morrigan was awful, he hated it, he never wants to see her again, etc., etc.?  But no, there’s none of that.  Never even mentioned in passing.  Which brings me to my next point.

Any real female is going to ask about it.  There’s no way she wouldn’t – unless she already knows the truth.  The female playable character actually already knows the truth, which is that Alistair has a crush on Morrigan.  She doesn’t ask because she can’t bear to hear Alistair say that he loved every minute of being with Morrigan.  She’d rather go on without that acknowledgment.  Like the army says – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Your character also hints at realizing the truth in the conversation with Alistair to ‘convince’ him to sleep with Morrigan.  One of the options for you to respond is to say “Your wildest dreams have come true: sex with Morrigan”.  Why would this even be an option unless there was some slight truth in this?!

Sad Alistair

Alistair's probably wishing you were Morrigan

And finally, at the very end of the game, Alistair asks about Morrigan leaving.  When he’s speaking, you can hear a touch of longing in his voice.  He’s sad to see her go, and this is a reflection of his sorrow.  “Oh, Morrigan and I just had sex…and I might love her…and she just ran off with my baby…do you think I’ll – I mean we – will ever see her again?”

Honestly, I hate thinking of this as a possibility.  I want Alistair to be 100% devoted to my character.  I think I’ll just try to forget that I ever wrote this…

By the way – BioWare, I never heard back about the life sized, anatomically correct, preferrably talking statue of Alistair, or the DVD of new Alistair scenes.  Do I need to send you my address first?  Thanks.  Still kisses to all of you BioWare-ians.


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