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Dark Souls: Prologue

Dark Souls

Consider this the obligatory “Dark Souls is going to be the hardest blah you ever blah blah blah” statement of every Dark Souls post you read.  As I said before I’m done cowering before Dark Souls. What I am however is overwhelmingly excited. When I stopped in to my local video game store to preorder it over the weekend the worker’s sentiment of “Oh aren’t you a glutton for punishment,” was quickly met with a response of “I can’t wait, lets do this!” However this sentiment of excitement is not without merit.

Demon’s Souls was quite highly rated and, as you can expect with the gushing reviews, it was a lot of fun to play. Dark Souls, being it’s “spiritual successor” should continue with the same play style and build upon everything we know and loved from the original. With less than two weeks to the release I’m doing everything I can go not get all fanboy on it. Then they go and start releasing the prologue a piece at a time, finally culminating in this glorious piece of cinematic ass kickery.

While it doesn’t shed any new light on the game it does give us an glimpse of the world we are about to enter into and and a bit of it’s history. I mean hey, it’s just a prologue. It’s not going to tell you everything you need to know. However when it comes to wanting more information we can absolutely thank the wonderful internet for keeping our appetites delightfully salivating for what’s to come.

dark souls multiplayer

Look! Obi-Wan can come back and help you fight.

Part of what made Demon’s Souls so entertaining and fun was the level of difficulty. It wasn’t a game that held your hand and lit the way with a bright and glowing yellow path. It didn’t have you surrounded by eight enemies who took turns attacking. It was a brutal onslaught of carnage and you either dealt it back ten fold or were left whimpering in the corner.

This is the ideology that Dark Souls is carrying through. While Dark Souls is a more of an open world style than Demon’s Souls (which was a dungeon crawler) and therefore based more in exploration than in following a set path through levels it shouldn’t be any less surprising. In fact this open and exploration aspect should be somewhat more appealing to the video gamer looking for something challenging. More than once Demon’s Souls had the hasty gamer yelling “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” Rushing into any situation was foolhardy and quickly met with something you didn’t expect causing your intense pain. With an open world setting I absolutely expect to be scared to play at some point.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Max Parker caught up with Hidetaka Miyazaki and when asked about new players being able to pick it up and play it he gave the best advice anyone can give on Dark Souls and it’s brutal style:

…the difficulties in the game can be overcome by trial and errors as well as careful observation. A player does not have to be really good at playing an action game. All you need are observations and trial and errors. So people who did not play Demon’s Souls will be able to play this game for sure. Even though I am not good at playing an action game, game design was created so that even I can beat the game.

Dark Souls Rat Fight

Just like in real life my friends will call me to help catch a rat. Great.

This is a game built to play through trial, error, and observation. It’s not a video game to run in, clear a room as quickly as you can, and then loot. This is an RPG unlike any you’ve ever played…unless you played Demon’s Souls. There are no parties, there are no bustling towns, safety is a concept hard to understand. In Dark Souls the only reprieve comes from bonfires. Again during Max Parker’s interview Hidetaka lets us know a little more about bonfires:

A player can use this Bonfire as a place to rest in the game. By lighting the Bonfire, a player can restore health gauge as well as recovering items and spells. Also Bonfire will work as a respawn point when a player dies in the game. Bonfire is placed in many places in Dark Souls’ extensive map. So, as a player proceeds in the game, a player will try to find a Bonfire to use as a next check point. Finally, the Bonfire has some emotional element as well. When you are resting by the Bonfire, you will see some other online players’ vague shadows resting by the same Bonfire. So you will feel that you are the not the only one trying to proceed in this fearsome world.

You are very alone in the world of Dark Souls where your only companions are the ghosts of other players and the things trying to kill you. Now that is not to say that Dark Souls doesn’t have it’s elements of multiplayer. In Dark Souls there is a “Covenant” system that acts like a guild that you swear allegiance to. This affords you certain benefits while pits you against other covenants. You’re no longer (as you could in Demon’s Souls) entering into games and attacking. It takes on a more role playing aspect through this since what covenant you chose to align yourself with effects the type of enemies you are seeing. This could also play into the “help” aspect as well. In Dark Souls you are allowed to summon two friends to help you through your game. These may be people you know, or people from your covenant, but either way odds are that at some point you are going to need them.

Dark Souls comes out October 4th. It’s scored a 37 (9/9/9/10) from Famitsu and general consensus now is favorable. The last real question you need to ask is are you the type of video gamer who meets a challenge head on or are you content to cower behind your easy settings  and play a game that you know you can breeze through?

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Hey Dark Souls – Challenge Accepted

Dark Souls - Wolf with Sword

It’s not every day that a video game comes out and blatantly calls you out. It’s not every day that a video game steps up and says “Hey you. Yeah, you. I’m going to kill you. Over, and over, and over, and over. My sole purpose here is to punish you, but at the same time make you think that you enjoy it.” Dark Souls did just that.

Did you see what I saw? There are two things in this world I’m afraid of. 1.) Closets 2.) Oversize animals wielding obscenely large and deadly weaponry. Well lookie what we have here. A big damn wolf with an oversize claymore. Well shit. I mean how is that even going to possibly be a fair fight. To start with the wolf looks to be about four times your size. Add into that the fact that the sword he’s holding is something that could be used as a sled for the entire Griswold family, INCLUDING cousin Eddie’s brood.

I feel that the ending of the video appropriately summarizes what my October will like. When it flashes the word “fight” you’re inclined to think “oh how bad could it be?” If you’ve played Demon’s Souls then the next flash of “struggle” will make you think “okay yeah, pretty damn bad. Dark Souls isn’t totally heartless. It throws the word “endure” up there to give all video gamers hope. It’s like it’s saying “You can do it!” But it’s the final verb of  “suffer” that really pisses me off.

I grew up in a family where the phrase “give in” doesn’t ever come about. The words “work with what you have” and “one way or the other its going to get done,” come up. But in my house the phrase you can’t do it is a challenge. The phrase “you’re not going to suffer” is a challenge that you can’t smile you ass off the whole way through. Well Dark Souls I was already going to play you. Hell I’m counting down the days. But now you’ve given me a new challenge. Smile my ginger ass off while doing it. No no, you go right ahead and have flaming spider try to walk down those stairs at 0:46 all slow and menacing. I don’t care Dark Souls. You go right ahead and have your leaping, screaming, pike wielding dragons, Dark Souls. I’m gonna come at ’em ’till they fall. Shouting all of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” the entire damn time. Hell, I might make a club. The “We Shouted Louis Armstrong Lyrics While We Beat Dark Souls” club. May even make bad ass crushed velvet jackets for it. That’s right Dark Souls, crushed goddamn velvet. Nothing says bad ass like struttin’ in a crushed velvet jacket.

In fact, Dark Souls, at this point I think there’s only one thing left to say.

Dark Souls Challenge Accepted


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Dark Souls Trailer: I already want to break a controller

Dark Souls Image

If there is one aspect of Demon’s Souls that appeals to everyone it’s just how easy it is. Once you pick up the controller you begin to breeze through the game without ever breaking a sweat. It’s almost like they designed the game to appeal to the casual gamer who just wants to kick back, relax, and enjoy a good story.

Yeah we all know that paragraph was a giant steaming crock. Even thinking about Demon’s Souls gives video gamers chills. There are nights I wake up screaming. My wife asks me why and I whimper out between big blubbering sobs “Bolataria…I was there Meg, I was there.” Knowing this From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki has come right out and said “Yeah we’re not making Dark Souls any easier. In fact we are making it harder.” This is enough to make the most hardcore of video gamer both shudder and get a surge of adrenalin.

Yes, Dark Souls may be the first video game to ever trigger both the fight and the flight responses simultaneously. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below.

It begins with a giant, screaming, pike wielding dragon and from there it just looks nastier. Things are bigger, harder, and angrier in Dark Souls. Just admit it that you can’t wait for it’s release. It’s going to be fantastic. While video game trailers are nice and all, but more often than not they don’t stack up to real gameplay footage. Yeah well keep scrolling. The folks over at GameTrailers have some interesting gameplay footage from Gamescom.

Dark Souls Gamplay Trailer Part 1

Right from the onset we’re struck with how similar the interface looks to Demon’s Souls. As our wayward hero pillages a nearby copse he escapes his jail cell. The prison is then overrun with giant blue squid like creatures. If I had to imagine based on the players equipment we aren’t dealing with a Dark Souls level for beginners. This makes it all the more surprising when we find our hero flee up a ladder. It’s at this time that we find him getting kicked in the face. This limits his options.

Now what we ultimately take away from this is that you have to explore. This is not going to be a “Point A to Point B” affair. Dark Souls is going to be a hunt, find, “I’m sorry you must have the right key,” kind of video game. So while Demon’s Souls will beat you with a brutal onslaught Dark Souls seems to be saying “Yeah we’ll do that too, but then we’ll turn you around and get you lost trying to find hidden away items.”

Dark Souls Gameplay Trailer Part 2

Dark Souls once again stresses something that was vital in Demon’s Souls. Know your environment. In seeing that these squid creatures won’t enter into the jail cell we find ourselves in a safe haven. Once exiting they choose evade the creatures rather than engage since they are of a level that our player can’t seem to handle. Did you catch that? You don’t fight every enemy in Dark Souls. Sometimes you have to know when to run.

Exploration is once again said to be an important factor of Dark Souls. They seem to be going out of their way to say “You have to find what you need, it’s not going to pointed to you by a giant flashing yellow line” which is nice. Dark Souls isn’t going to hold your hand. Suddenly we see it. The scene all to familiar to players of Demon’s Souls: a death. But in this death we gain a certain wisdom. Yes it may be as simple as don’t do that again, but with each time something doesn’t work we know that we have found one less way to do something.

Dark Souls Gameplay Trailer Part 3

Suddenly we see just why we were met with an enemy that was too difficult to take care of. To remove the threat you had to find a different way. Just like that we find another way Dark Souls will challenge the video game player. Your battles will be difficult. You will have to locate hidden items. You will have to pay very close attention to almost every detail to solve the puzzles and problems the lurk within. Then they come out and say they’ve been cheating.

They made a character who was tougher than normal. This is understandable given that they want to make sure people can see what you can do in the demo. However it will be interesting to see how much stronger this character is. Granted the fact that he says that we’re supposed to “die a hundred times” before we figure out what we’re supposed to do is rather disheartening.

Dark Souls Gameplay Trailer Part 4

Then the real point to Dark Souls comes out. From Software isn’t making it gut wrenchingly difficult to be dicks. Okay maybe they are a little bit. But they want to give the users a sense of accomplishment. This is what Demon’s Souls excelled at and you can bet that it will be just as gratifying if not more come Dark Souls. This is what makes them so fun to play. Yes they are brutal. Yes they are painful. Yes they strip of of social connections as each hour passes away while you continually struggle with the same level for days on end. Oh man, I can’t wait!

Dark Souls is going to be released on October 4th so I can expect my blood pressure to rise and be considered unhealthy by my doctor during my physical a few days later. When they ask why I’ll just respond “Dark Souls”. If they ask any more questions I will direct them to the internet.

Did anyone else find themselves yelling “HEALTH! YOU NEED HEALTH!”

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Atlus is quickly becoming a favorite

Demon's Souls Dragon

This should be your first sign to just turn right around and walk the other direction

It’s not like they are a new company. It’s not like they came out of nowhere. If you haven’t at least heard of Shin Megami Tensei then I feel a little sorry for you. However over the past few years I let out a little excited groan when I hear about new video game with Atlus written somewhere on it.. This is not to say that I am unhappy seeing them push forward with new projects, in fact it’s far from it. I love playing games by Atlus and until very recently I didn’t know why.

Atlus Video Game Publishing and Development

A logo I'm starting to love

With even the most paltry and superficial research you will learn quite quickly that one of the harder games to come out in recent years was Demon’s Souls. It is lauded as being a controller breakingly difficult game that is so unbelievably fun and rewarding that you begin to question if just maybe you enjoy being abused. While this wasn’t developed by Atlus their name is still attached at publisher. Now we have to give great credit to From Software for making an amazing game in both story and style. All Atlus really did was make it available here in the States but that’s saying something. In a time when an RPG will hold your hand autosave every three minutes and occasionally, not always, give you a big bright shining yellow line to your goal so you can’t even get lost if you tried Atlus took a gamble and pushed it to the store shelves knowing that Demon’s Souls level of ferocity may be viewed by gamers here as being too much. This was a gamble that paid off for them.

divinity 2 dragon knight saga

One of us wants some corn. The other wants a hug.

While Ego Draconis really did get panned by reviewers I am absolutely a fan of Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga. I mean who wouldn’t be, you turn into a giant dragon, summon an upgradable creature comprised of body parts of the dead. But this is not why I find myself enamored with Divinity II. There something that harkens back to the days of playing the Ultima series. While Divinity does give you a log of current quests what it doesn’t do is hold your hand and tell you where to go. It more or less says “It’s somewhere, go find it.” This encourages you to explore every nook and cranny of the game. There are plenty of crannies and even more nooks.

But what Divinity also does is flat tells you that you need to expect to die. During one of the numerous loading screens it says “When you die during a fight reevaluate your tactics or run until you know what to do.” This is a viable tactic that you legitimately have to utilize during playthrough. Death is something that will happen and happen frequently. It doesn’t throw hordes of weak enemies at you who attack in groups of twos or threes. If you misstep you’re suddenly staring at seven or eight enemies close to or higher than your level who surround and attack. It’s this very reason I’ve been stuck on the last boss for about a week now not able to survive more than a minute into the fight.

Divinity II begs you to strategize and exploit flaws. It requires you to plan your attacks and play upon the weaknesses of the enemies. It’s not like a Dragon Age where more often than not you can get away with creating a tank and running in full bore to clear out a room. You must think before you act. You have to try a few different things before you find what works, and if you didn’t save before trying? Well let’s just say that while there is an autosave it’s more or less a pleasant surprise than a helping hand. I am pretty sure it autosaved maybe four of five times.

Catherine Video Game Atlus

You will both hate Catherine and love her

Then there is Atlus’ latest outing Catherine, a simple platformer that tells the tale of a man named Vincent in-between complicated puzzles. This is yet another game where we see that they aren’t making games to help you and make you feel warm and fuzzy. I have died more times than I care to count in Catherine either because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my surroundings or the puzzle just created a problem that I couldn’t solve in time. Each time I die I watch my available continues go down and I’m met with both nostalgia and panic. But the puzzles are so gratifying in their level of difficulty that upon completion I have found myself jumping up and talking smack to either the puzzle or whatever was chasing me. This is a game that had me actually utter the phrase “Take that you stupid giant baby!” Okay to be honest what I said was slightly more profane.

Ultimately it’s this reaction that Atlus is able to illicit in their recent offerings that is endearing them to me. Whether some obscure item is hidden away in some hard to find alcove on the side of a mountain or I have just completed a grueling boss battle or level I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. Has gaming really deteriorated into a state where we expect the games to play themselves for us? I mean yes while having 150 potential outcomes in the conclusion of a game is interesting where is the challenge in it if I can breeze through it? I guess what I’m trying to say is “Thanks Atlus, for bringing us games that make us feel like we actually accomplished something.”

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Dark Souls Initial Information and Trailer

dark souls screenshot 3

I would not finish climbing that mountain without soiling myself.

There are things in this world that I am pretty good at. I can eat like nobodies business. I was always good at making sure Thanksgiving got its ass handed to it. I am a damn fine driver. Brutal winters tend to teach you some skills. When it comes to diffusing any situation I am spot on. Then there are things that I am not so good at. Demon’s Souls was one such thing. I am not sure if I have ever been as bad at something as I was at Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s souls  is a video game that makes me less of a man. When I started playing it I was able to shave. I don’t have to anymore. If I feel that I have a little too much facial hair I simply start playing Demon’s Souls and my facial hair decides that I am no longer manly enough to have it and it literally vanishes. It is no secret at this stage that Demon’s Souls is an unforgivingly harsh video game that laughs at you as you fail. And you will fail. Constantly.

When I heard the news about its sequel I got excited. Not so much because I enjoy failing, but Demon’s Souls and I have an abusive relationship. It leads me believe that things are going to get better. I believe it. We share some laughs. I feel safe. I think I know what I’m doing. Then, without warning, I’m being beaten like a dirty rug in the spring until I’m left curled up in a corner soaked in my own tears and covered in fear. Now I get to double up.

Now we have a name. Dark Souls. Not only do we have a name, but we know that it will be released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. This means that if you missed out on Demon’s Souls because you don’t have a PS3, you have no excuse not to partake in the brutality and abuse if you’re a console gamer. The big questions are what elements are the same and what are they changing up. Well lets dig in a little bit to Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is like Demon’s Souls

It is still hard. Very hard. Maybe even harder. According to producer Daisuke Uchiyama (in a CVG report):

We want the player to scream, yell and be frustrated…a better, more difficult experience

dark souls screenshot

What the hell is THAT?!

More difficult? Excuse me, Uchiyama-san, but you weren’t happy enough with Demon’s Souls’ ability to turn scores of adults from normal, professional, and well adjusted individuals into crazed, abused, whimpering, muttering pools of shame and failure that you had to make it harder? Is it to early to say that I’m totally enamored by you?

Reports are stating that when you succeed you will still get the same sense of achievement. They go so far as to make it sound as though you will be handsomely rewarded for you efforts in the video game. However, the greatest victory comes in knowing that you just beat something absolutely brutal.

The gameplay will be similar to Demon’s Souls with its trial, error, and apparently some observation. You can still watch other players die. You can also still leave messages for other players. This means that there will still be a fairly solid online component to Dark Souls. In fact, there will still be co-op and PvP. Whether or not you can literally invade other people’s games and take them out is still up in the air.

Dark Souls will be different from Demon’s Souls

When compared to Demon’s Souls this outing will be more about exploration than dungeon crawling. The world is not connected by a central hub. Everything in Dark Souls will be one large open seamless field. Moral of the story: if you see it you can get to it.

There will also be no map display in the game. There will be a position display marker. I don’t know what this is, but it sounds like I may be confused while playing, which will certainly add to the element of not only exploration but difficulty.

dark souls screen shot 4

Giant rat...thing....check!

Dark Souls will not take place in the same world as Demon’s Souls. It will take place in a whole new world with a completely new story. This new world will include more complex level designs that make more use of vertical design. The world is based on what they call medieval dark fantasy. They will contain themes such as like “high fantasy of kings and knights”, “death and the depths of the earth”, and “the flames of chaos”.

The character creation process will also no longer be class based. In essence you are what you become. What class you chose to be is left up to how you play the game. To help facilitate this, the play style is more open. It sounds as if they are taking steps to quite literally let you determine the type of character you are using. To help make this a more personal and individual process, they have more spells, more items, more weapons that are apparently more unique. They also have more character animations. This will ultimately resort in a more unique experience for each player as you’re not bound to set roles and skills. There will also be no soul tendencies this time. If they use any form of good vs evil scheme we don’t know yet. We do know they abandoned the soul tendency system because they didn’t want to have to use dedicate servers for it. This is interesting because the soul tendency allowed for certain areas and NPCs to be open.

Then there is what they are calling “mutual role playing”. They haven’t revealed anything other than Dark Souls players will be able to engage in “mutual role playing”. We have yet to be given any information about what this means, so any speculation at this point would be moot. However the name alone indicates that playing online with others will not hinder you.

What we’re led to believe about Dark Souls is that we will have a multi-console release that will take what works from Demon’s Souls and ramp up the “go screw yourself”. But it’s not just going to increase the abuse. That would just be cruel. Okay given this video game’s pedigree, it very well might try. But it sounds as if it’s going to do so with a fun, interesting amount of personal freedom in virtually every way. I personally can’t wait to scream at the television while it kicks my ass in ways I didn’t know possible outside of a prison fight.

But they didn’t just leave us with text and images. Check out the trailer below:

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