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Dragon Age DLC: Leliana’s Song

Thanks to our new site layout and the much improved Video Game News from Around the Net (which we fondly call VG-NAN), I found out about new downloadable content from the marvelous BioWare for Dragon Age: Origins.  This new DLC will become available July 6th, and will focus on the backstory of one of the main characters from DA:O – Leliana the Bard / Assassin / Chantry Sister / Spy / Female-Lover.

Initially, I assumed the video was focusing on how, at one point in DA:O, Leliana decides to sing an Orlesian song.  Or maybe it’s not Orlesian, maybe it’s just…weird.  And creepy.  Anywhos, everyone in the camp proceeds to feel incredibly uncomfortable, as demonstrated when the camera focuses on them and they look over at Leliana with squirms of awkwardness.

However, as you can see, this video is actually a preview of the new DLC for one of the most annoying characters (Hey Wadoobie, you including Leliana on your list?!) in all of DA:O.  And I have some comments –

  1. That woman doesn’t really look like Leliana.  Leliana looks like Avaline, remember?!
  2. Was that supposed to be Marjolaine?  She’s…she’s rather forward, isn’t she.
  3. And was the supposed Marjolaine hitting on Leliana?!  Well, I suppose they did have a ‘special’ relationship
  4. Is this content for Leliana really going to cost me $7?!  Do I care that much about Leliana?
  5. This will be the first Dragon Age with full voice over.  That’s right, you will choose what Leliana should say…and Leliana will say it.  Out loud.  In her annoying Orlesian accent.  So basically, this new feature is like Mass Effect in that respect – minus the sexy Jennifer Hale voicing the character (erm, that’s if you’re a female Commander Shepard)
  6. And, the most important question of all – Will there be romance?!  WILL THERE BE TENTING?!

THIS is the Leliana we know. Err, except for the dress.

We’ll probably have to wait and see about that last one.  But the way Marjolaine is making flirtatious eye contact with Leliana, it seems likely that we may be treated to a brand new tenting scene!  Plus, as hinted at in DA:O, Leliana had a rather wild past.

To be honest, despite not being too impressed by Leliana, I’m actually kind of excited about this DLC.  It looks like it will be a fun, fast-paced adventure.

Especially if there’s tenting.


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Prince of Persia: Blue Balls

I feel another rant coming on.  I’m incredibly, wholeheartedly upset.  I feel like I was left hanging out in the cold.  Something that I would assume it would feel like for a guy when a girl teases and teases but then doesn’t let anything further happen…is how I currently feel.  Yes, I suppose what I am feeling is similar to blue balls.

Video Game Blue Balls

Oh yes I did. Video Game Blue Balls.

Ubisoft, prepare to feel my wrath.

Let me back up.  And if you still plan on playing the 2008 release of Prince of Persia and don’t want the ending spoiled for you…read no further.

I finished Prince of Persia over the weekend.  It’s a fairly short game, and the whole while I was waiting for something to happen between the Prince and Elika.  [See the expectations here]  They flirted, they touched a lot, and Elika checked out the Prince’s ass, but still, nothing happened.  No kiss.  No makeout scene.  No tenting action.

And the end of the game?  WTF is that?  I mean, yes, it’s powerful, it’s moving, it’s fascinating, but it’s basically destroying everything you worked for during the course of the game.  And talk about a cliffhanger!  Ubisoft, are you basically just angling for people to run out and grab the downloadable content?  Now that’s just cruel.  I mean, come on!  Unless you’re doing a sequel soon, I’m going to be pissed.  I like my video games to have neat endings…not…massively major cliffhangers.

Plus, the Prince brings Elika back to life and there’s still no makeout scene?  Sure, she’s pissed that he destroyed everything they did (heck, I was pissed making him do it!), and pretty much released the biggest evil god ever, but she should throw herself at him since she’s officially living and breathing again.  Also, wouldn’t the Prince make a move to plant a big wet one on her once she came back to life?  I was surprised that he didn’t.

Prince of Persia

Ubisoft, I'm gonna smack you.

Granted, I don’t believe that every story can have a happy ending.  But this one just hurt.  I was literally in pain chopping down those trees, I was in pain when the Prince walked off with Elika in his arms and the darkness literally swallowing them up.  I was in pain that none of that sexual tension amounted to anything.

Prince of Persia has officially given me blue balls.


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