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Dragon Age II to Include Blowjobs

Oh ESRB Rating system…how we love the wondrous information that you deliver to us. BioWare has never been subtle about including sex in its video games. It’s part of the reason we love them so much. They are well aware that their players are typically old enough to handle it. They don’t shy away from letting it all hand out there and why should they? It’s a pretty important part of life.  In fact it is the most important part of sustaining life outside of breathing and eating. The ESRB clues us in that sex in Dragon Age II is going to include a little something scandalous though. Apparently someone in Dragon Age II will polish the…console.

This is an action-adventure role-playing game in which players assume the role of a warrior who completes quests in a mythical land. Players use swords, bows and arrows, and magical spells (e.g., fireballs, energy beams) to defeat human-like enemies and fantasy creatures (e.g., giant spiders, demons, ogres, golems). Attacks are often accompanied by slashing sounds, large explosions, and cries of pain. Blood splatter effects occur when enemies are hit, and damage sometimes results in dismemberment or decapitation—blood stains and body parts occasionally appear in the environment. In one cutscene, a man’s severed head is held up then tossed to the ground. During the course of the game, characters sometimes engage in sexual dialogue (e.g., “Why is it always about sex with you?” and “Sailing is like sex. Do it wrong, and it’ll make you sick.”). Players can also initiate brief cutscene sequences in which couples (male-female or same-sex) are shown kissing and embracing one another in a bedroom as the screen fades to black. In one cutscene, a woman kneels in front of a male character and appears to perform fellatio—there is no depiction of the sex act; the camera pans out to the rest of the room. The words “a*s,” “bastard,” and “sh*t” appear in dialogue.

In cased you missed it allow me to single that one line out:

In one cutscene, a woman kneels in front of a male character and appears to perform fellatio—there is no depiction of the sex act; the camera pans out to the rest of the room.

Dragon age 2 Hawke

You would think that, given the news, Hawke would look a little happier

Its not very often in a video game that we see anyone kneel in front of a man to “perform fellatio” and why is that? When you’re taking matters into your own hands and doing all you can to save the world/your family/people you love I think you are very deserving of a blowski.

Dragon Age II Isabela

If it's her then I really hope she puts the knife down first.

But what does this mean for BioWare? Dragon Age: Origins met with some rather negative fervor over same sex relationships. Apparently these only exist in video games and how dare BioWare insinuate to the innocent unsuspecting masses that if you want to you have the option to engage in a sexual relationship with members of the same sex.

It’s nice to see BioWare still including this aspect in Dragon Age II but they are almost certain to meet with the same vitriol. Add to this now they are insinuating acts of oral sex on a male and I have a bad feeling they are really going to catch some hell from people who can’t come to grips with the fact that these things are part of life. However people have a knack for surprising me. It may come and go so quickly you may leave you wondering if it even really happened at all. Either way BioWare is taking an interesting risk here by lighting the flames of the intolerant.

But this begs the question are they includinig this to intentionally upset those sexually cloistered individuals, are they including this to be “edgy”, or are they including it because (and this is the answer I want to believe) because it’s just so much fun? Only BioWare knows the real answer to this but it’s no secret that they received a lot of media attention last time because of actions you could take in the video game with ol’ Zevran. While it was most likely a blow-back they didn’t intentionally set out to receive it still wound up blowing up in their face. This media attention likely moved a few extra copies for them. Could they be trying to work it in their favor again?

I personally find the idea that they are intentionally trying to piss off overly conservative people with a video game a little hard to swallow. I feel they are just doing what they do best. Making a great game with a compelling story that can appeal to people no matter what they want to do. It’s a truly open world experience where relationships matter but what those relationships are is entirely up to the person doing the gaming.

If you have any thoughts to share on BioWare’s soon to be “shot seen round the world” feel free to let fly below in the comments section. Oh and did you catch how many innuendos were used?

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