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Fable III: Pre Order Exclusives Guide

With the upcoming October  release of Fable III looming near – next week, everyone, next week!! – I decided to give a rundown on the preordering exclusives you can find at various stores.  Because who doesn’t want the freebies that you can’t get anywhere else?!

Preorder Fable III from

If you don't preorder Fable III, this guy's gonna shoot you.

Amazon – I detail this option first because it seems to be the most cost-effective option if you’re someone who likes to save money.  You can get a $20 credit for any future video game purchases, and release date shipping is just 99 cents.  Plus Amazon is always nice enough to include a Pre-Order Price Guarantee, which means if you preorder for one price and then the price drops prior to the game coming out, you’ll pay the lower price.  And now, on to the exclusives!

  • Champion Hammer – First of all, it’s a hammer.  So yeah, that kinda sucks.  However, if you like your weapons slow but powerful, then this is for you.  I much prefer swords.  The name ‘Champion Hammer’ sounds nice, and it sounds like it will probably be slated in the ‘good’ category.  Otherwise it ain’t nothing but a pretty decoration.
  • Balance Tattoo – From a description I read, it sounds like this set relates to a hero committed to restoring balance in the world.  So that doesn’t really say a lot about what bonuses you could receive from it.  Strength?  Skill?

Preorder Fable III from Walmart

Walmart – Walmart has a similar deal to Amazon in that you will receive exclusive in-game content, a $20 eGift card, and the game is $59.96!!  You save FOUR CENTS, people!

  • Absolver Hammer / Mallet – Okay, so I can’t really tell if it’s a full sized hammer or just a mallet that you have conk your enemies out with.  Apparently the weapon has to due with Hammer wreaking vengeance in the name of her father after Lucien was defeated.  The perfect choice for warrior monks or angry priests.
  • Dragonbreath Tattoo – An attractive tattoo that explains perfectly how you may feel – like you want to breathe dragon flames on your enemies.

Or for an extra $20 you can get the limited edition with all the same preorder goodies. But it’s…limited.

Preorder Fable III from Gamestop

Industrial Tattoo and Inquisitor Sword, brought to you by Gamestop

Gamestop – The pre-order exclusives from Gamestop have been very publicized from their TV spot.  I’ve seen this spot more than I’ve even seen commercials for Fable III itself.  ‘Be as evil as you want to be’, claims the ad.  Let’s just say that it’s pretty obvious you’ll be going down the dark path if you choose Gamestop to pre0rder from.

  • Inquisitor Sword – According to Gamestop, this sword is somehow linked back to Reaver, and therefore earns you bonuses when you kill innocents, spend money, and annoy people.  And oh yeah, it’s evil.
  • Industrial Tattoo – The ever-changing tattoo!  It will morph to go along with your focuses, so the color will change depending on your alignment.  This tattoo makes you more attractive, and will also assist in completing a particular quest in Aurora.

Preorder Fable III From Best Buy

Best Buy – Last but not least, the final location to get exclusive in game content is from Best Buy.  These items are best for those dedicated to Will use.

  • Channeler Sword – You can already see what this sword is gonna do: have magical attributes.  Yes, it’s true.  This sword, which is pretty much encrusted with crystals and doesn’t look very sharp at all, was created by Garth in his later years and is imbued with his Will abilities.
  • Crystal Tattoo – So, just like the sword, the tattoo looks like crystals.  Crystals that are strangely arranged to look like wings.  I guess if you’re a Will user, you can fly…?

So there you have it.  Based on this info, I’m probably going to be ordering from Amazon.  I’ve already got one $20 pre-order credit under my belt.  Where will you be pre-ordering your copy from?


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