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Firefly Universe Online? Yup, pooped ’em.


Firefly Universe Online

"I'm a leaf on the wind"

If there is one thing my wife is relatively unhappy with it is those moments when I go full nerd. Not just gamer, not sci-fi, but full on nerd. Where I start spouting canon and donning that elitist cap that always starts with statements like “What they have to remember about this is…”

While they are few and far between, today I had one such moment when reading a press release.

Fellow Browncoats, the indie crew of DarkCryo Entertainment this week announced that they are taking over where Fox and Multiverse had stranded fans of the cancelled television series Firefly with their intention to continue development of the long-awaited FireflyMMORPG interactive title.

Already titled Firefly Universe Online, the game highlights multiple playable factions, special cast appearances, canonical planetary environments, and groundbreaking role-play mechanics.

Upon reading this I immediately began to look up who DarkCryo Entertainment was. They are apparently a group of professionally indie developers and fans of Firefly who decided that we needed a game around it. In this game they will showcase the Reavers, Browncoats, and the Alliance with room to grow that even more.

We need to remember that this is not officially licensed and has not been endorsed by 20th Century Fox or Mutant Enemy. Firefly Universe Online is being made by developers who are  fans of the series so we can almost certainly rest assured it will be made lovingly and with great care.

I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping that Nathan Fillion makes more than a few cameos.

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