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DC Universe has gone Free to Play: It’s about damn time

Around this time last year we were very excited to hear about a release of an MMORPG on the PS3. We had never had one before and it was about time we got to put the system through it’s paces. Once the beta was released we were beyond underwhelmed. This isn’t to say that it was a bad game, it was just incredibly underwhelming. It strikes me as a bad idea to pay $15 a month to do the job of a DC Universe superhero while they stand back and watch. Sure sometimes they jump in to help but most of the time they just told you to run along and stop crime. While you paid them to do it. Bastards. Most of us wanted to play with the superheros not around them.

However now it seems that enough people had gotten bored with DC Universe Online to open it up to everyone. It’s not completely free to play mind you, there is just a free to play option. While some MMORPGs will hinder your abilities or advancements DC Universe Online doesn’t seem to be doing this. They just somewhat limit your options in a way that means you can’t do/carry/say as much.

According to the DC Universe Online Website:

 Legendary DCUO

 Premium DCUO

 Free to Play DCUO

Access the game,
plus DLC Expansion Packs.
Maximum game features unlocked!
Access the game and
earn bonus features.
Access the game
for free!
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So as you can tell you can still suit up and superhero the hell out of whatever city you care to join, however you just won’t be able to carry as much. It’s really not that big of a hinderance to the cause. Granted the button mashing style of gameplay will still be there as will the “see how fast I can hit level 30” routine.

If you’re curious about how to go about playing all you have to do is fire up the PS3, log into the PSN, download it, let it install and then fire that puppy up and let your cape billow in the breeze.

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