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Can you imagine living in a world where all the myths, old wives’ tales and urban legends were true?  What would that world be like?  Apparently, it would be The Secret World, as one might assume.  And it will be revealed in an MMO by Funcom, tentatively set for a release sometime in 2012.

She's not setting a very good body image now, is she? Oh wait... she's dead.

Needless to say, this game sounds insane.  And I mean that with the best of intentions.  I can’t imagine a game bringing together so many various elements successfully, and on top of that, to have it be an MMO?  It’s mind-boggling.  It sounds like this game will have some hefty promises to fulfill, and if it does, the Secret World will be EPIC.

The Secret World’s website draws one in with its eerie visuals and authoritative characters.  An example of just one of the many legends this game has brought to life:  Mummies in the tombs of a hidden city in Egypt.  Not interesting enough?  How about this:  Construction of an amusement park began amid threats and warnings that the land was cursed.  Freak accidents, suicides, ghost sightings and unknown whispering began occurring again and again, and finally the park was forced to close.

My favorite part is the sign now reading "Kingsmouth Dead" instead of "Kingsmouth Ahead"

Obviously, we can see that this Secret World is not at all a place of fantasy.  Or at least, this isn’t a place filled with happy (or noble) elves, with intoxicated (or proud) dwarves, where you fight skeletons and dragons.  This is modern day dark fantasy, where your battles are against the stuff of nightmares.  That includes:  Zombies, Mummies, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Golems, Spectres, and I’m sure much, much more.  The game’s director, Ragnar Tornquist, says that the game draws inspiration from sources such as H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Edgar Allen Poe.  This speaks not only of what kind of references we can expect, but also the atmosphere the game is trying to create.

And it’s not just about battling these dark creatures.  The game also has you investigating, solving puzzles, hunting for clues, exploring.  That way you get a mixture of both battling and investigating.  But it’s up to the player to decide what route they want to take, or if they want a taste of both.

"Down, boy. Down. I said DOWN. Fido, DOWN! Why are you growling at me?!"

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty.  This game… honestly, from the pictures, descriptions, and videos, I’m already scared of it.  I am absolutely fascinated by it, and if Funcom can pull all these elements in to create a unique MMO, but I don’t think I’ll be able to play it.  Seriously.  Even if I’m in a team.  I’m too much of a Scaredy-Kat.  I’ll definitely need more information before I make a decision.

A final question:  Will the Secret World be similar to Anarchy Online, in that it was free to download and free to play, unless you wanted to purchase special items in game?  EDIT: The ‘Free to Play’ period for Anarchy Online, while it does appear to be an available option on Anarchy Online’s website, refers to new accounts, and does not include access to expansions.  ‘Free to Play’ has not always been an available option.  Thanks to The Secret World Forum for pointing that out.  END EDIT.  It seems with how long the Secret World has been in development and how much detail they seem to be putting in the game, it should be worth purchasing or paying-to-play.

But that aside, I’m anxiously looking forward to what news will come out next on this colossal MMO.


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