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Dark Souls: Prologue

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You are very alone in the world of Dark Souls where your only companions are the ghosts of other players and the things trying to kill you. Now that is not to say that Dark Souls doesn’t have it’s elements of multiplayer. In Dark Souls there is a “Covenant” system that acts like a guild that you swear allegiance to. This affords you certain benefits while pits you against other covenants. You’re no longer (as you could in Demon’s Souls) entering into games and attacking. It takes on a more role playing aspect through this since what covenant you chose to align yourself with effects the type of enemies you are seeing. This could also play into the “help” aspect as well. In Dark Souls you are allowed to summon two friends to help you through your game. These may be people you know, or people from your covenant, but either way odds are that at some point you are going to need them.

Dark Souls comes out October 4th. It’s scored a 37 (9/9/9/10) from Famitsu and general consensus now is favorable. The last real question you need to ask is are you the type of video gamer who meets a challenge head on or are you content to cower behind your easy settings  and play a game that you know you can breeze through?

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