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Video Game Pin Ups: Oerba Yun Fang

Final Fantasy is known for having both attractive females and men who look like attractive females. In fact we’ve already shown one Final Fantasy girl as a pin up. But we’re gonna do it again. Final Fantasy XIII alone has its fair share of attractive women to gander at. In fact every female party member could make most guys run a stop light if they were standing on a sidewalk waiting for the cross walk.

Oerba Yun Fang Final Fantasy XIII

She does know how to accessorize doesn't she?

In the world of Pulse however there is one L’Cie that shines above the rest. I speak of course of our wonderful blue silk dress wearing, Australian accent having, spear wielding bad ass that is Oerba Yun Fang. What makes her hotter is that her exact relationship with her Pulse companion is left up to some debate, however we do know that something potentially awesome is going on.

I personally am a fan of a girl with a little bit of ink, so that angry looking tattoo she’s rockin on her left arm there just makes it all that much better.

Oerba Yun Fang wakes up with little idea whats going on but she starts whoopin’ ass and doesn’t look back. You gotta give her some props though, waking up from being turned into a crystal has to be hard. I mean I have a rough enough time getting out of bed in the morning, let alone waking up after a thousand years as a crystal. However I do want to whoop some ass when the alarm goes off.

Few heroes truely have the ability to rock not only the Australian accent, but also the leather sandal boot things, and a blue silky sarong, and a sports bra quite the same way that Final Fantasy XIII’s Fang can. I am pretty sure the only other one would be Mad Max. Damn, now I am going to have to go watch Beyond Thunderdome. Either way Fang snag’s this week’s Ass Stamp of Approval and lands herself in our Pin Up Gallery.

Ass Stamp

I could make a joke about sinking my teeth and Fangs here...but I won't

And since you almost never see a Fang by itself:

Oerba Yun Fang - Final Fantasy XIII

What do you call that? Giant robot turkey...thing?

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Video Game Pin Ups: Rikku

Final Fantasy X was a phenomenal specimen of both story and beauty when it hit the PlayStation 2. Contained within was yet another specimen of beauty. Within the world of Spira was a race of people known as the Al Bhed. They were a feared and hated people because of their open and extensive use of Machina and rightfully so! Seriously, who likes to use machines?!?!?!

Sorry internet I didn’t mean it.

Rikki Final Fantasy X

First appearance of Rikku. Who wants to translate that into Al Bhed?

If a normal denizen of Spira were to lay eyes on one specific Al Bhed, however, I’m sure they would all change their tune.

Rikku is a spunky little Al Bhed who displays an uncanny ability to either:

A.) Hold her breath for a ridiculously long time

B.) Breathe without the normal use of her mouth.

Either way it makes her go from hot to hotter in a fraction of a second. Mix that with the fact that she’s a forbidden race of people and the hotness just keeps rising.

We first meet her when Tidus is lost and confused in a brave new world. He gets captured by the Al Bhed and held on their ship. While the crew is content to leave him on deck alone to starve, one lone individual decides to show kindness to the stranger. Sure you can’t understand a word she’s saying, but you just know she’s a hottie.

But this isn’t the only game in which we find this weeks Ass Stamp of Approval winner.

Rikku Final Fantasy X-2

Rikku: as she is seen in Final Fantasy X-2

She also has the distinction of being one of two people to be heavily prominent in the first ever Final Fantasy direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. In X-2 she’s still an Al Bhed, but now they are more tolerated and welcomed by the people. Probably the Rikku hotness won them over.

While she’s not as bundled up as the first go round, she can change costumes and show off a variety of…lest just call them talents.

For this reason Rikku is this weeks Ass Stamp of Approval: Video Game Pin Up winner.

I think I can speak for most when I say: “Rumo csugac e fuimt mega du pyhk dra ramm uid uv Rikku”

Ass Stamp

You go Rikku

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