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Mass Effect 3 Will Feature Multiplayer

Stop the presses!  …or, the typing, anyways.  It’s been confirmed by a multitude of sources that the final installment in Commander Shepard’s story, Mass Effect 3, will feature a multiplayer mode.  The details are slim, but the teasing tagline is ‘Multiplayer Comes to Mass Effect 3: Fight Alongside Your Friends as the Galaxy Goes to War’.


The Confirmation.

Now this tiny tidbit of information is hardly enough to quell our satisfaction, but it seems this is all we’re going to get for now.  However, what does this mean for Mass Effect 3?  Let the speculation begin!

First of all, I’d like to know how such a feature could even be implemented in a game like Mass Effect.  A game that is & has been so heavily focused on a single player suddenly shifting to include multiplayer?  I just don’t see how the two will mix.  We all have grown attached to our own protagonist, Commander Shepard.  While our Shepards are unique in that we all made different choices and they don’t all look the same, I highly doubt that a bunch of Commander Shepards running around saving the galaxy in one world makes sense.  But then again, I don’t think I want to play as anyone new, because I haven’t spent as much time emotionally investing myself in his or her story.  It would be interesting if BioWare tried to work in playable companions, but do I really want to be Liara over my Shepard?  No.

ME3 Sniper

Was BioWare's first teaser trailer of Mass Effect 3 actually a hint of multiplayer?!

Then, of course, there’s the concern that the time and monetary investment in implementing such a feature will take away from what makes the game great; the single player campaign, Shepard’s story.  While I am a bit concerned about this, I’m not overly worried.  I’m pretty sure BioWare understands how important this final installment is to everyone and that they’ll be sure to take care of the main story and give it the attention it deserves.  I’m willing to show a little faith in BioWare on this one.

My question is, will the multiplayer aspect have an effect on the single player game?  And honestly, what is the goal of having Mass Effect 3 contain multiplayer?  To create a feeling of greater replayability?  To keep up with the latest trends?  It should be implemented for the right reasons, otherwise it will feel very tacked on.  If they were to somehow tie the the single player story in with the multiplayer option, it might feel more appropriate.  But they have to make sure the game is still playable for those who don’t have the option to play online.

I’m eager to hear what else comes out about the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer aspect, and appropriately wary, as well.


Update: BioWare has gone ahead and released some information about the upcoming multiplayer in Mass Effect 3.

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Mass Effect 3: Combat Reveal Trailer

Mass Effect 3 Screen Shot

Something tells me Shepard won't like him picking up Liara

I believe the words you will be looking for to describe this Mass Effect 3 combat reveal from BioWare and EA are going to be “holy crap wtf that was AWESOME.” That is precisely what what we said when we saw what unfolded. Rather than go on about it here, we’ll let you take a gander for yourself.

If this trailer is in fact indicative of the actual combat in game then Mass Effect 3 looks to be full of frenetic combat that will get your blood pumping to various extremities and heart racing like a thoroughbred.

In the trailer we catch a glimpse of Shepard as he assumes the role of Squad Leader taking Garrus and Liara up against a Cerberus attack. Throughout the video we see a appears to be a more chaotic and fast paced combat environment than we saw through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and this isn’t something that’s easy to pull off.

While the Mass Effect 3 trailer doesn’t really do much to give any new insight into the story it does reinforce the fact that Cerberus is pissed and coming after you. After watching this I feel I can speak for a majority of gamers when I say “Bring it you glowing eyed Elusive Prick…sorry…Man.”

But the updates from Mass Effect 3 don’t end there. Below you’ll find a slew of new screen shot deliciousness to keep you interested.

Mass Effect 3 Enemy Screenshot

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Screenshot

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Shooting

Mass Effect 3 Giant Walking Robot

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Mele

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