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Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Progression

Who hasn’t been there? Driving down the highway. Rain is pouring down. You just had a rough, obnoxious day at the office. Jim from the next cubicle over was listening to that damn political speaker on his radio again and quite frankly you find both him and his political views to be offensive. All you want to do is get home to a nice meal, comfortable clothes, and warm inviting sofa.

As the rain pours down you flip your wipers on a little higher to help see through the driving rain and then some ass hat cuts you off causing you to slam on your breaks. That son of a bitch. You summon all your power and stop his car using the power of the Dark Side, rip that damn door off and force choke that impudent piece of filth until he stops kicking. Then when he falls into a lifeless heap on the ground you kick him before going back to your car to get your lightsaber to make sure the job is done.

sith lord force choke star wars old republic

Next time use a damn turn signal while merging!

You’ve never done this? Well you’ve thought about it right? Hells yeah you have! We all have. If you’ve ever wanted to get a better feeling for what it was like to be an unrelenting Sith bad ass LucasArts has released a video illustrating what the progression is like for a Sith in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic.


I have never been one to be a big fan of the Sith but even I have to admit that what I see here makes it seem rather gratifying to run up and beat something down just because, hey, that’s how the Sith roll. We see them progress to a nimble dual wielding Sith Marauder to leap and maneuver himself using stealth and skill to take down teams of enemies.

Then to a larger brooding Sith Juggernaut. This is just pure Dark Side strength and power. This is the very definition of tank. You strap ol’ Leeroy into a Sith Juggernaut and I bet things will go a little differently for him.

We here at Polish the Console are almost drooling with anticipation for this one.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic PAX East Trailer “Fate of the Galaxy”

PAX East is kicking off and already we have been given a little bit of Star Wars goodness from it. Whenever a new gathering of video game greatness starts off everyone is hoping to see some new and fantastic bit of information or a new trailer that wets our appetites and leave us wanting more.

Fresh from PAX East we see another trailer for Star Wars: Old Republic. Rather than talk about it now, lets get the exciting part over with. Drink it in, revel in it, and enjoy:

What we have here is a stellar bit of footage that lets us see a little bit of all facets of gameplay. We see some in game environments, get to take a look at a little bit of the combat, and we get to see a little bit of what many are hoping is a fantastic game that hands down deserves the label Star Wars.

star wars the old republic trailer

Will this be the embodiment of all my Star Wars dreams? Here's hoping!

While this trailer doesn’t show us anything truly new it does certainly do a fantastic job of reminding us of how much fun this game is supposed to be. We know the story, we can’t wait for the story, we also can’t wait to get our hands on a fired up lightsaber to start tearing shit up!

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