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Grand Theft Auto V: Welcome to Vinewood

Grand Theft Auto V Logo

Recently Rockstar began to tease Grand Theft Auto V without giving anyone any real information as to where the game was to be located. In it’s fifth outing rumors and speculation began to flutter wildly around the interwebz as to where the new Grand Theft Auto V would be. Would it be Washington DC, New York, LA, Shanghai? People began to dissect the logo looking at every minute detail of it to try to glean some new information from it to break the “code”. Well ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Vinewood.

What we see is an idyllic Hollywood style town called Vinewood. It starts off with the narrator talking about how he wanted to live a perfect life, to retire and become one of the good guys. He wanted to start a family and be a dad. However life doesn’t always go as planned. But Vinewood is only part of the greater world. It seems that San Andreas is once more our stomping grounds for GTAV. The question now is “Will  San Andreas in GTAV be as large as it was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?”

What’s interesting about the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, and maybe it’s just  me here, but I can swear that we see Niko as a hobo at 0:58, CJ running at 1:06, and Tommy Vercetti 0:39. We can almost be certain that Grand Theft Auto 5 will have it’s share of cameos, but are they going all out in Vinewood? Has everyone come out west for a piece of the San Andreas Pie?

Now even though Rocstar was just a publisher for L.A. Noire I’m curious to see how much the map is similar. I mean they have the map why not try to get some more use out of it. A great deal of care and effort went into creating it; just make a few changes and let ‘er back out there. It will be interesting to see if this is the case though. Will the Grand Theft Auto V map be the an updated L.A. Noire? I might actually find that relatively enjoyable.

Also am I the only one who thinks the person talking sounds like Uncle Kracker?

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Syndicate Trailer: Pros and Cons

Syndicate Agent

I very rarely find myself at a loss for words but when those moments come it typically means one of two things. I’m either in love or I’m very nervous. This was the case with the latest trailer for Syndicate released earlier this week. With a video game that I spent most of my early teen years playing Syndicate by Bullfrog Productions holds a very special place in my heart. Maybe it was the trench coats, maybe it was the flamethrower, maybe it was the ability to amass an army or walking, talking bullet shields.

The trailer that was recently released met with some mixed reviews from many people. Some people loved it, some hated it, however the majority of people saw it with more hope than anything else. In case you haven’t seen it yet go ahead and check it out below.

Now what we see is a typical trailer. They aren’t going to skimp on the action. They want you to buy this game. They want you to fall head over heels in love with it. They want you to watch the Syndicate gameplay trailer and say “You are gorram right I’m going to buy the crap outta this. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” But did you say this? If you’re like me you overanalyzed the heck out of it and you’ve arrived at a few conclusions.

Syndicate Announcement Trailer Pros

A Syndicate is nothing without good agents; they are what make the really nasty stuff possible. So when the trailer starts off saying that you’re taking the role of this agent we can chalk this us as a big plus. The nice aspect of this is that agents are upgradable however the extent to which you’ll be able to play is (as of yet) being kept under wraps, but this does give us some hope.

Still has the mission clock and more importantly we get a much better voice than the one in the first Syndicate game. This is a vast imrpovement over the overly mechanical voice from the original Syndicate. However I can’t help but shake the feeling that it sounds like an attempt at a seductive GLaDOS. It is for this very reason that I will refuse to trust that it is not ultimately going to turn on me and test me in some way.

Sydnicate Announce Trailer Ocean Scene

Just look how outside I am!

It is also very apparent that we are fighting rival syndicates. Now this is not really news since that’s really the entire point of the video game. However we do know that they still aren’t getting along. Ultimately this is what leads us to hope that in some way we will have some form of territory management akin to the original video game. This is something that will, again, remain to be seen.

Now 40 seconds into the Syndicate Announcement Trailer you see someone lose control and do the agents bidding by killing the other person in the room and then turn the gun on their own head. This leads us to one logical conclusion. This can only be the work of the persuadetron? What else could allow a Syndicate Agent to gain access to someone and force them to do their bidding. While the ultimate capability of the persuadetron has yet to be released, knowing that it’s in there makes us happy.

Face stomp at 1:03. That’s all we really need to say about that.

The scale of Syndicate looks rather large. Now it’s not large on the scale of Fallout 3 or New Vegas but it does look like the missions may be slightly more grandiose than Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now before people get angry with me allow me to explain what I meant by that line. I am not saying DE:HR was small. I’m not saying it wasn’t amazing. What I’m saying was that the missions held a certain claustrophobic feel to them. While it was perfect for Deus Ex: Human Revolution it’s nice to see Syndicate stepping up and saying “Here’s a minigun on the side of a vehicle. Have at it. See that window you’re dangling in front of in the open sky? Yeah just whoop that window’s ass.”

Syndicate Announcement Trailer Cons


Aaaallll byyyy MYseeeeeelllfff

Only one agent. Part of the fun I had with Syndicate and trying to set up traps. Lining up multiple agents with a brutal mix of flamethrowers and miniguns was a simple pleasure to a thirteen year old boy. With only one agent the trapping and luring aspect won’t seem quite as possible. Okay it won’t be at all possible. But I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that what they lack in agent quantity they make up for in agent quality.

While I stated above that the world seems more grandiose it doesn’t (from what we’ve been shown) look to be as open. We see no hint of the aforementioned territorry management that we are hoping it keeps up, nor do we see anything as remotely open world as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While we’re not looking for them to lay out the entire story in a quick 2 minute trailer it would be nice for a tad more information on what we can expect when we’re not stomping on people’s faces while making others shoot people for us.

While it looks like a very fast paced FPS, it still looks like a fairly standard FPS. There is not much in here that really blows our skirts up. It’s still early though, but since Syndicate is scheduled for release on February 21st, 2012 they should be showing us something to get us excited. However a great game is not always great because it brings something new to the game. Sometimes they do something great by taking pieces of what’s worked before and combining them in a way that is simply mind blowing.

Additional Syndicate Information

syndicate fight

Does his thumbs up mean go for the gold?

Now what good is a video game announcement without a little pre-order information to go with it. If you were so inclined to preorder Syndicate you would get The Executive Package bundled right with it. What is the Executive Package you may be asking yourself? Well let me shed a little light on it for you. It’s enough co-op gold to make Trump jealous. You get solid gold version of all loadout weapons, something called “golden dart vision” and gold Syndicate logos during co-op missions.  They seem to be touting the gold angle.

While “fancy pants gold weapons” are interesting I am more intrigued by these missions themselves. Will they be more akin to the old school Syndicate game where a team of agents work to achieve a goal? That would certainly be an interesting angle to the multiplayer.  Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out a little more though.

What we do know from the trailer is that Syndicate looks like it should be fun to play. We’re pretty anxious to find out more about it on our end. But we’ve given you our take on the the trailer, what about all of you?

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Hey Dark Souls – Challenge Accepted

Dark Souls - Wolf with Sword

It’s not every day that a video game comes out and blatantly calls you out. It’s not every day that a video game steps up and says “Hey you. Yeah, you. I’m going to kill you. Over, and over, and over, and over. My sole purpose here is to punish you, but at the same time make you think that you enjoy it.” Dark Souls did just that.

Did you see what I saw? There are two things in this world I’m afraid of. 1.) Closets 2.) Oversize animals wielding obscenely large and deadly weaponry. Well lookie what we have here. A big damn wolf with an oversize claymore. Well shit. I mean how is that even going to possibly be a fair fight. To start with the wolf looks to be about four times your size. Add into that the fact that the sword he’s holding is something that could be used as a sled for the entire Griswold family, INCLUDING cousin Eddie’s brood.

I feel that the ending of the video appropriately summarizes what my October will like. When it flashes the word “fight” you’re inclined to think “oh how bad could it be?” If you’ve played Demon’s Souls then the next flash of “struggle” will make you think “okay yeah, pretty damn bad. Dark Souls isn’t totally heartless. It throws the word “endure” up there to give all video gamers hope. It’s like it’s saying “You can do it!” But it’s the final verb of  “suffer” that really pisses me off.

I grew up in a family where the phrase “give in” doesn’t ever come about. The words “work with what you have” and “one way or the other its going to get done,” come up. But in my house the phrase you can’t do it is a challenge. The phrase “you’re not going to suffer” is a challenge that you can’t smile you ass off the whole way through. Well Dark Souls I was already going to play you. Hell I’m counting down the days. But now you’ve given me a new challenge. Smile my ginger ass off while doing it. No no, you go right ahead and have flaming spider try to walk down those stairs at 0:46 all slow and menacing. I don’t care Dark Souls. You go right ahead and have your leaping, screaming, pike wielding dragons, Dark Souls. I’m gonna come at ’em ’till they fall. Shouting all of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” the entire damn time. Hell, I might make a club. The “We Shouted Louis Armstrong Lyrics While We Beat Dark Souls” club. May even make bad ass crushed velvet jackets for it. That’s right Dark Souls, crushed goddamn velvet. Nothing says bad ass like struttin’ in a crushed velvet jacket.

In fact, Dark Souls, at this point I think there’s only one thing left to say.

Dark Souls Challenge Accepted


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Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer – We Had to Change Our Pants

Mass Effect 3 LogoEvery once in a great while a trailer comes along that shows no actual gameplay or even game footage whatsoever but still manages to get us so excited for a game that suddenly out pants become wet with joy. Before I go on allow me to direct you to the Live Action Mass Effect 3 trailer below.

We see no Commander Shepard. We see no Wrex. We see no Garrus. We learn no real new information. We do however see reinforcement of what we already knew to be true. Reapers are hitting the earth and causing a whole mess of problems. We see that people the Earth is starting to have a few problems and this isn’t going to end well for people.

While this technically should have been called a teaser since it pretty much sits there and mocks us saying “You can’t play this awesome epic conclusion yet” it does make us at PtC want to go back to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and kick a little reaper ass one last time before Mass Effect 3 is released on March 6th, 2012.

Did anyone else start involuntarily cheering during that or was I the only one?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic PAX East Trailer “Fate of the Galaxy”

PAX East is kicking off and already we have been given a little bit of Star Wars goodness from it. Whenever a new gathering of video game greatness starts off everyone is hoping to see some new and fantastic bit of information or a new trailer that wets our appetites and leave us wanting more.

Fresh from PAX East we see another trailer for Star Wars: Old Republic. Rather than talk about it now, lets get the exciting part over with. Drink it in, revel in it, and enjoy:

What we have here is a stellar bit of footage that lets us see a little bit of all facets of gameplay. We see some in game environments, get to take a look at a little bit of the combat, and we get to see a little bit of what many are hoping is a fantastic game that hands down deserves the label Star Wars.

star wars the old republic trailer

Will this be the embodiment of all my Star Wars dreams? Here's hoping!

While this trailer doesn’t show us anything truly new it does certainly do a fantastic job of reminding us of how much fun this game is supposed to be. We know the story, we can’t wait for the story, we also can’t wait to get our hands on a fired up lightsaber to start tearing shit up!

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