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Dragon Age II – Destiny Trailer WARNING: Your pants may explode

Gamescom 2010 is underway in Germany and today was a downright huge day for PS3 gamers with the news of Mass Effect 2 coming their way. But BioWare wasn’t done droppin’ bombs on us. The release date for Dragon Age II was released as well, it’s March 8, 2011.

But that’s not all…in a Billy Mays-esque maneuver they went ahead and threw in an added bonus. Below we have the Destiny trailer for Dragon Age II. I feel I should warn you that when I pulled this up at work today the entire internet started to run slowly. I began to watch it and I’m pretty sure I blacked out. When I came to I was standing on

hawke dragon age II

"My nose? No, I cut myself shaving."

my desk with my monitor above my head cheering in a loud manly yell. Once it was over I sent it up to Kat. Sure enough the internet ran slowly and she did the bull dance around the office while twirling her “overshirt” above her head while talking smack to the graphic designers.

I can only think of two theories to account for this. But to explain this we need to break the events down. Two people acted well outside of their normal patterns of behavior while the very internet that brought us this trailer slowed. Ladies and gentlemen…this video is so damn awesome that existence itself altered upon its release. The internet didn’t slow down, the world slowed down in an attempt to comprehend the very level of awesomeness contained in these two minutes.

On top of this our feeble minds cannot comprehend the sheer awesome that exists in this video. We act in a way we feel commensurate to the awesome forcing ourselves to black out and behave in a very unusual manner. I warn you to make sure loved ones, coworkers, pets, neighbors, friends, and small children are nowhere near you when you press play. We at Polish the Console can not be held accountable for what you may do while you watch it.

My pants literally just exploded into a brilliant light and an angelic choir just sang out. Did that just happen to anyone else?

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