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The Waiting Game

We all know the feeling.

Stressed Cat

This cat is waiting anxiously for a game. It just heard a truck outside. Actually, this cat could be me.

You order a game online, but then for some reason it doesn’t allow you to choose release date shipping.  Not only that, but while everyone gets their game (in the mail, in stores) and proceeds to exclaim how wonderful it is, you’re left with an excruciating urge to play.  The lump in your throat grows larger and larger.  You log in multiple times a day to check the tracking number, and shout profanities when the information hasn’t been updated since yesterday.  Perhaps you even wait anxiously with one ear turned to the door, hoping to hear some shuffling footsteps or even a large truck of some time, in which case you will run to the door and peek out cautiously.  Of course, if the game ISN’T there, you don’t want to look like a fool.  Nor do you want to get your hopes crushed.

This recently happened to me with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  Yes, I do have the game now.  But waiting was horrific.  When I placed the order through Amazon, I somehow missed the ‘Release Date Delivery’ for 99 cents.  I was really excited to get with Ezio again, and to see if Ezio would act more like a womanizer this time.  (He does.  Great job, Corey May!!) I stressed, couldn’t think of anything else but the game, and would jump up and race to the door whenever I heard some semblance of a large truck passing by.  I almost mobbed the mail truck one day, when my package didn’t arrive the date it was supposed to.  I thought about showing him my boobs (and even if it was a mailWOMAN, I thought about it)… because what if he was holding my Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood?!


I bet this ninja is excellent at checking to see if the game arrived without anyone seeing.

And now, with Christmas just around the corner, there’s another waiting game to play.  This time, you see the pile of presents under the Christmas tree and the one you’re almost positive is the game you’re looking for.  Or maybe your parent or significant other is sneaky and hides what you want in a large box…which is even more difficult because then you get extremely disappointed thinking they didn’t get it!

So now the question is… what do you do while you’re playing the waiting game?  Be sure to leave what game you’re waiting for in the comments!



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