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Yoichi Wada thinking we need more games like Heavy Rain is scary

Yoichi Wada - Square Enix PresidentThe video game internet work is buzzing right now thanks to wonderful Yoichi Wada. In a recent interview with Famitsu the president of Square Enix, Wada, stated:

It would be good if they made more games like Heavy Rain.

It’s comments like this that scare me. I love Square Enix. I think they are a fantastic group with some serious talent and wonderful story telling abilities. On top of that most of the games they publish are visually stunning and enough to make a grown man giggle titter like a small child on the playground.

Heavy Rain - Madison Paige

That's right Madison, we all know your secret.

I am also a fan Heavy Rain. It was fun, it was interesting, it was different. The controls were unlike anything I had ever played previously and once you got the hang of them it was game on. Visually this was one of the more exquisite games I have ever had the pleasure to play. Not to mention that Quantic Dream was nice enough to answer the age old question “does she shave” when looking at Madison Paige. Thanks guys!

Now you’re probably wondering “Why are more games like Heavy Rain scary?”

Because what made Heavy Rain so good was that it was so different. Lets be honest, Square Enix has a tendency to beat a dead horse so unmercifully that it actually comes back to life briefly so that it can be killed and beaten again. You know it’s true. Look at Final Fantasy. “Rebel/outcast gets mixed up in an adventure in a world that is a mix of magic and technological wonders. Through struggle and loss he gains the trust and admiration of his group and becomes their leader in a struggle to save the world from certain doom.” One time they had Vivi. Vivi rocked.

Final Fantasy IX - Vivi

Excessive stitching is also bad ass.

When that formula got a little old, they added Disney to the mix, but still injected it full of Final Fantasy. Okay I’m not going to lie to you, I still love Kingdom Hearts II. Organization XIII was bad ass, and so was Vivi.

But the more people make a game like Heavy Rain the more the market will be diluted and lose its charm. While yes, I do agree with Wada that there needs to be more games like it with a rich and deep story line, I beg them not to bombard the market with Heavy Rain clones that force the user to solve a murder mystery with plot twists, winding turns, and some whiney guy who desperately needs to shave running around shouting “JASON” over and over.

So here I am asking please. Wada-sama please. Square Enix please. Please from the depth of my soul don’t take something as beautiful and magnificent as Heavy Rain and dilute its magnificence by flooding the market with games that aren’t as polished, thought out, or interesting. I’m not asking you not to make something like it, but please for the love of all that is pure take time with it. Make it outstanding.

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